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Rail service has been an integral part of any country’s economic growth. Yet, in today’s fast-moving world, very few consider rail service to be the go-to option to transport their goods. Rail shippers must find out a way to utilize this freight mode and use it to the fullest to gain all the advantages. Most of the countries are well-connected by rail, and shippers can efficiently move bulk goods across great distances through them.

The only challenge for most logistics companies is that they need to move the materials from one rail-sided building to another. These buildings are very few, and the logistics have to run the track to these buildings off the mainline, and thus it becomes very costly for them. The only solution to solve the issue is to team up with the local logistics company so that they can aid you with the cross-docking services by engaging their trucks. Shipper from the agricultural, paper, oil, building and construction, chemical, forest products, energy, and automobile industry are already using this freight mode to the optimum. But many are yet to realize their potential and use rail to transport goods across the country.

Types Of Containers Used in This Service

Each type of equipment and container has its distinct use. Based on it, these containers are chosen to carry materials. Some of them are:

  • Automotive racks (for carrying automobiles)
  • Boxcars (for carrying bulk items)
  • Flatcars (for carrying items of various sizes, shapes, and weights)
  • Refrigerated boxcar (temperature-controlled boxcar used to transport perishable items)
  • Gondolas (used for transporting coal, lumber, scrap material, etc.)
  • Open top hoppers (used for carrying items that are not affected by the weather elements)

Rail freight services can save a considerable amount of money for the shippers, and it’s also easy to get a rail freight quote. Unfortunately, they do not see many companies taking their help.

Changes That Can Improve the Present Rail Logistics Scenario

Introduction of LSP (logistics service provider)

The game-changer has been the introduction of the logistics service providers in dealing with the process of shipment. Many companies have found this helpful in starting to use rail as one of the freight modes. Those who haven’t thought of outsourcing to the local logistics services are missing out on using the intermodal method of transport, LTL, full truckload, and other freight modes to drive down the shipping cost.

Transparency In Rates and Quotes

Rates and quotes may seem a simple thing, but it’s not so easy to make the shippers understand the way they are calculated. There should be a transparent and relatively easier way to convey the shipment costs. They depend on the type of goods, service location, and the carrier required for transporting them. Often the same items need to be shipped to various locations, each having a different rating structure.

Efficient Rail Freight Tracking System

An efficient rail freight tracking system is a priority to convince shippers to use rail freight mode. Until and unless an effective and efficient tracking system is introduced to enable customers to track their goods, it will never be considered a useful way to transport items.


In conclusion, we can say that a regular audit of the rates and proper reporting and analysis by the management of the freight system will help in increasing the operations of the rail freight.

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