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Rajat Khare is known as an internet – age investor in the world of marketing and finance. He made an entire empire starting from scratch. From a young entrepreneur now his profile is enriched with seven investment ventures and counting more with only one exit.


Apart from being an enviable successful business magnate, he is also a co-author of the book, “Make a move – demystifying Entrepreneurship”. He has successfully ventured projects with sustainable development, like “Medtech”, “cleantech”. Though he is native Indian, his business is Luxembourg, EU based.

The secret behind his success can be a mystery though. But one reason is crystal clear. He is a tremendous influencer. Not for claiming only, facts say, he has been the key speaker in more than twenty world summits held on business and entrepreneurship.

But like a self-made man, he never forgot his roots. Where he started, he always encourages entrepreneurs. This encouragement and help are not only restrained to writing books or speaking at seminars.  Like a man of work, he, on the banner of his founded company, “Boundary Holding ” invests in native companies with potential.

For example, “Asteria Aerospace ” is an Indian aerospace company that invests in artificial intelligence. This venture started with a view to developing an unmanned aerial vehicle to empower the military and law enforcement department.  But as this project is civilian-based, they also supplied their service to mine and industries which needed an intelligent monitoring vehicle for dangerous areas.

Though after some time, the joint venture closed their clause and now working separately.

Boundary Holding:

Boundary holding is Rajat Khare’s own company which works for a motto ‘ toward Tomorrow.  This is mainly a tech company investing in next-gen products and services.  Such as:

-Governmental Solution:

This venture has various successful outcomes. Such as:

1. Technology Radar:

The outburst of technology has always been a headache to the government and the law enforcement department. Online, deep web crimes are hard to track, harder to prove.  Boundary AI has developed a certain data traffic radar to identify unauthorized technology usage.

2. Data Monitoring:

Money laundering, crime, online harassment, Stock market analysis has never been easier with this tool.

3. Drone solutions

-Life Technology:

  1. Wearable devices:

Small wearable devices have made life easier and safer. Now there is more control over health and ways to take precautions. This is a revolutionary step in combining humans and machines.

  1. Smart Textiles

-UAV Potentials.

-Space missions.

Boundary Holding believes in shaping the future by enhancing the present. They are not only daydreamers. They have formulated a solid plan and have been executing it fabulously.  They claim to:

– Speed up innovation by sharing ideas. Sharing is caring in science.

– Providing the right support to jump-start your tech venture.

– Global engagement and thus they get an idea of proper investment plans.

–  With exceptional domain expertise, they know how AI is impacting the industry across the world.

– Amplify startups by providing an accurate resource.

Current Investments:

Right now, Boundary Holding is investing in

  1. Bridge Round: Bridge financing is the future and boundary holding knows this.
  2. Railway analytics: Bringing AI on the railway sector can be a hell of rebound investment.

Rajat Khare is a person with insight. He and his company are interested in investing in companies driven by determination. Determination to promise a better future. So if you are a budding entrepreneur, have a mission to make the world a better place and potential to modify deep AI to help move toward tomorrow Boundary AI is there to help you financially. They offer their full expertise so that you can focus completely on your mission.

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