Tue. May 21st, 2024

Rajkot: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today started his campaign in Gujarat. PM Modi attacked the Congress and  rahul gandhi in his rally and speech Rajkot: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today started his campaign in Gujarat. PM Modi attacked the Congress and  rahul gandhi in his rally and . The PM alleged that Congress leaders played applause on the release of terrorists in Pakistan. He did not stop at that. Referring to the tension with China, he said that when the Indian army was getting eye-to-eye with China, then Rahul Gandhi was embracing the Chinese ambassador. Prime Minister Modi blasted the final round of campaign in Gujarat’s election season. in his raally he was in diffrent mood and the style was different too . The Prime Minister was on the stage and the protesters were continuing his attack on opponents. From A to Congress on the other hand … Modi said – There are some people who are very happy about the release of Hafiz Saeed. And what was the point of saying that why did he abuse Modi and why did he clap on Hafiz? He said that the Congress was with china on doklam, for the first time, his government saw the Chinese side from Himalayas and our goverment decided to action and stop them when indian , army was in front of enemey army they stoping chines army , but the Congress leaders were hugging the Chinese ambassador like brother they are actually with suitation created by chiness army. In his speech, the prime minister lashed out at the Congress. Congress remembered the Kutch earthquake in Nehru’s time. Said that the government did not do any work to save the earthquake. The Prime Minister also targeted Rahul Gandhi without taking name and said, “The peeope who questionig my integrity from gujrajat peope of gujrati will not forgive them .” In Rajkot’s rally , the Prime Minister also targeted Congress on tea and said that Congress dislikes me because I am The Congress dislikes me because of my poor origins. Can a party stoop so low? Yes, a person belonging to a poor family has become PM. They do not fail to hide their contempt for this fact. Yes, I sold tea but I did not sell the nation Suggesting in a roundabout way to this debate today, PM Modi said that over the most recent two months, Congress pioneers have turned to mocking and spreading lies about their rivals to score political focuses. He spoke to the gathering to not deride poor people and affront the “child of Gujarat” who does not have a solitary smear on his long run political carrer . Let me tell that a large number of people have come here to listen to PM Modi. There were elderly people, there were women, then Divyang used to sit in a special carriage and listen the speech pm. PM Modi will have more than 8 rallies in Gujarat Obviously their will be more attacks on the Congress in the coming days will be faster.]]>

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