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Raspberry Pi 4 will go up to $45 from the current price of $ 35. It’s only the second moment that the cost of the development leading the single-board segment of computers has increased in the years since it was first introduced in 2012. British Foundation launched its first version in 2012.

The coronavirus pandemic led to factory closures as well as massive panic orders for purchase from firms to find enough parts to make their products. The increased demand for technology , due to the requirement for infrastructure for confinement , and the decrease in production, has resulted in an price rise as well as an overall shortage of semiconductors because it was not widely known. To this, must be added the cost increase for large transport methods like maritime.

“Global supply chains are in a state of flux as we (hopefully) emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic”, they state via the Foundation to drive the price to be changed, which in any event will be only temporary. With Raspberry Pi they are not in any way immune to the issue which is a problem that affects any market that requires an uncomplicated chip to function. To illustrate we’ve already warned you about the current situation with special graphics chips. So we’ll continue to wait until the situation is stabilized. There’s a concern over the amount of inventory accessible in time for Black Friday and the Christmas campaign, the biggest of the year.

What are the costs of Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi 4 which has 2GB memory is the one model to go up in price from $35 to the price of $45. It was precisely the model that was selected in 2020 to get an affordable price in conjunction with the the eighth anniversary of the release of the first.

The Pi 4 that has 1 GB of memory is currently unavailable, but will be available at a cost of 35 dollars and a focus on industrial customers who purchase large quantities and are more susceptible to price hikes.Read moreApple purchases the edge-based AI company for reported $200 million

The Foundation will also prioritise the development of additional models, such as Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3+, and the Raspberry Pi 3B, although they will recommend a switch to version 4 which has higher performance and produced using more advanced techniques that are simpler to make. Despite these modifications in order to better keep up with the times, Raspberry Pi won’t be able meet the demands and will only sell 7.7 million units.

The reality is that an extra 10 dollars isn’t too bad considering the fact that this is only an interim measure, and not similar situations exist in other sectors. Certain big buyers may be aware that, but the reality lies in Raspberry Pi 4 Raspberry Pi 4 It is a true gem for $35 or $45 and we highly recommend it for a variety of projects.

Buy the 4- and 8-Gbyte versions of memory that maintain their cost (55 and 70 for each) and provide the highest potential for this (great) technology which has powered an array of single-board computers similar to this.

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