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Geraldine Bazan preferred to get away from the scandal her ex-partner, and father of her daughter Gabriel Soto starred in last weekend, and the actress is currently enjoying a relaxing and cold holiday in Aspen, Colorado.

The well-known Mexican put land is the subject of the heartache that her husband is currently facing who this week was the subject of a video shared on social media. The video was recorded several years back.

In the wake of the scandal surrounding her father’s affair with Elissa Miranda and Elissa Miranda, Geraldine Bazan is currently on vacation and enjoying the snowy landscape located in Aspen, Colorado, United States.

The actress posted through her Instagram account a selection of postcards from her travels in the tourist destination, and she currently has a silver-colored look that can withstand the cold temperatures.

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In the pictures, you will observe Bazan almost ready to begin skiing with the mysterious man. The other thing is that the latter has his face covered completely, which means the alarms sound to find out if you were in a group or with a new lover.

In a different video, he’s shown navigating the mountains with incredible skills and ability, as well as enjoying some hot drinks.

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He also released a humorous video in which he tries to inhale the snowflakes that fall upon his face. “I’m trying to eat some snow,” She was clearly visible in the video was recorded in a break, and sitting in an armchair.

Geraldine Bazan also shared a photo of one of her acquaintances who she was able to travel with to celebrate Christmas.

The actress took this excursion after preparing for their Christmas celebration with their daughters who will this year spend the holiday together with their dad, Gabriel Soto.

Bazán herself published the postcards of the dinner she had with Elissa and Miranda, where they look in the middle of their room decorated especially for the occasion and accompanied by other members of their family.

“This is a special message for parents and grandparents who, for any reason, aren’t able or want to split their time between their children. …”, the infamous message that was released only a few days back.

” The first years aren’t always straightforward, I’ll admit however, as time passes you understand that only the circumstances can change as do circumstances. And the most wonderful thing is to let your children have a natural way of livingand that you as a mother and father, provide them with the faith that everything is good, “he added next to the photos of his loving daughters.

“And here with us, you learn to enjoy your” free “time to ensure that everything goes by and you can relax. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas !! “, Geraldine Bazan concluded for her more than 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

The actress released these photos immediately after the intimate footage of her ex-partner was released. With this, she sought to keep the controversy behind and stop them from being connected to the scandal.

Over the weekend, a private clip from Gabriel Soto began to circulate and within a few hours , it became viral on social media. Gabriel Soto acknowledged the authenticity of the video on Twitter and said it violated his privacy.

“Well all of you How are you? So what can I tell them? Another line to the Tiger. I’m not going to speak much about it. What I’d like to say is that I am extremely vulnerable due to my privacy being breached, and to make it clear that this took place several years ago “he made it clear in a video that was posted to the account of his Instagram account.

“I am fully responsible for this matter and would like to request my colleagues on the media to provide their full cooperation in handling this matter with the greatest attention to ensure the health of my children and my spouse. Thank you for your understanding and help and ensure that you take good care of yourself, “he said.

In the wake of controversy, Irina Baeva has affirmed her love for her partner and said that it affects the daughters Soto shared with Geraldine Bazan to a greater degree.

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