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Chicken Soup

Organic chicken soup is a Chinese recipe. It is easy to cook Chinese food as it takes a small-time as well as it needs easily available ingredients. Moreover, organic chicken soup is a healthy food that boosts your immune system and also gives you warmth in winter. Organic chicken soup is also beneficial in providing relief from a cold and sore throat as it had anti-inflammatory characteristics which can have the capability to reduce the allergic activity in the upper respiratory tract that become the cause behind cold. As organic chicken soup helped in boosting the immune system, so, it also protects the body against the attack of chronic diseases. Moreover, chicken soup help to reduce body weight and decrease the obesity rate, as, it contains all the healthy and nutritious ingredients. Vegetables in the soup add a healthy and extra dose of phyto-nutrients which is important to keep us healthy in winter. Here, we have the recipe for halal organic chicken which is easy to make and delicious to eat. As this soup recipe contains halal organic meat, so, most of the toxins that are present in the alive organic chicken are drained off from the body with the blood and the blood is ejecting from the arteries after slaughter. The toxic chemicals are secreted from the body after slaughtering, as, the heart continues to beat for a few seconds after the slaughter of organic chicken.


Sweet corn                                 2 items

Organic chicken                          1 kg

Onion                                            1( small)

Carrot                                            1 chopped ( medium)

Ginger                                          1 inch piece

Garlic                                             3-4 pieces

Cinnamon                                    2

Cloves                                          3-4 items

Salt                                             2TSP

Black paper                               1TSP( crushed)

Soy Sauce                                  1-½    TSP

Powdered chicken                   1TSP

Corn flour                                  4TSP

Water                                         2 liter


Take 2 liters of water and add organic chicken, onion, carrot, sweet corn, ginger, garlic,  cinnamon sticks, cloves, salt, and black paper. Mix all these well and bring it to a boil. Cook in the pressure cooker for 40-45 minutes. After this duration, took the flame off and set aside the sweet corn. Strain gently the stock boiled water. Separate the organic chicken pieces from the residue and set them aside. Let it takes small time to cool. Discharge out the remaining residue. Reserve the boiled stock of water for later use. Now, shred the cooled boiled organic chicken into small pieces and separate the bones and discharge the bones. Separate the beads of the corn kernel from it and the residues were discharged. Chopped coarsely the beads of the corn kernel.

Boiled the stocked water and add the chopped corn kernel and shredded organic chicken. Now, add 1TSP of chicken powder. Add salt in appropriate ratio and ½ TSP of black paper. Mix it well and cook on low flame for a maximum duration of 4- 5 minutes. Now, it’s time to add 1- ½TSP of Soy Sauce into the mixture. Mic 4 TSP of cornflour into the  1-2 TSP of water and mix them gently. Add this mixture into the preparing soup while whisking. Take three brown eggs and whisk these gently into a separate bowl and now add these into the soup by continuous whisking. The organic chicken soup is ready, present it to your dear once and enjoy the winters.

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