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Lakhs of Indian youngsters yearn to secure a government job and earn hefty income. Do you know how to grab a government job? Basically, the government of India conducts competitive exams to select adept personnel without risking bias, influence peddling and other issues. Every year lakhs of youngsters flock to the examination centers with the intention to crack the exam and secure a lucrative job. We understand that candidates like to score high marks in the exam. Note that you need to work from your fingers to bones while preparing for the exam. Well, you can make your preparation very easy. We have written this article especially for candidates who are going to appear for upcoming government exams. If you are amongst them, then keep on reading this article keenly.

Banking, railways, defence, civil services and SSC are some of the prominent government exams in India. Are you going to appear for the SSC CGL 2021? If yes, then make sure you are following some smart techniques to prepare for the exam. When you adhere to a foolproof study plan, then your success is certain in the government exams. We understand that you must be working hard to improve your scores in the government exam. To make your exam preparation easy, you can try some of the suggestions given below.

Here we have provided some remedies for improving your performance in the government exams:

Candidates preparing for government exams often look for true and tried strategies for exam preparation. Go through the following points before you start exam preparation. Make a timetable considering the given points. It can help you prepare for the government exam perfectly and crack it in the first attempt.

  1. Make notes mandatorily

It is imperative to make notes while studying for the exam. You need to make notes for theoretical as well as practical subjects. When you write while learning, it helps in understanding the information quickly. Also, you can retain it for a long period of time. So, make notes mandatorily while preparing for the government exams. These notes can serve you great help during the final hours of preparation. You can use your notes to revise important topics and definitions.

We would advise you to organize your notes in binders. This way you can add additional papers in between whenever necessary. Moreover, don’t forget to highlight important definitions and terms in your notes.

  1. Manage your time efficiently

You’ll have approximately 16 hours in a day to study for the government exam. You need to manage these 16 hours in such a way that you can easily prepare for the exam. First, note the subjects you need to prepare for the exam. Make sure you are giving equal importance to every subject of the exam. This is how you can easily ace every section of the exam.

Many candidates make a timetable with an optimistic mindset. But, fail to follow it staunchly. Note that it is essential to follow the timetable you made in the beginning. However, you can make little changes to the timetable according to your needs.

  1. Work on your weak areas

The best way to improve your scores in the government exams is by scrutinizing your strong and weak areas. You might be thinking, how to do that? Simply, by solving mock tests. These tests are made in accordance with the actual exam syllabus and pattern. So, solve as many mock tests as you can. You can easily simulate the experience of an actual exam by solving mock tests. This way you can save yourself from negative marking in the exam. For sure, it can aid in improving your performance in the government exam.

  1. Plump for learning styles that suits you

There are different types of people who use different ways to learn and retain concepts. Here are some of the learning styles you can use to retain concepts:

  • Visual learning: When you can learn effectively by watching a video.
  • Audio learning: When it is easy to learn things by listening to an audio tape.
  • Reading/Writing: If you can retain concepts by writing concepts.
  • Verbal learning: Those who memorize concepts by speaking loudly.
  • Logical: Candidates who learn concepts by making flowcharts and diagrams.

You need to choose the best learning style for yourself. This way you can easily retain the concepts for a long period. Also, it can become easy for you to recall information in the examination hall.

  1. Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers are the best source to analyze the level of difficulty of the government exam. You need to go through at least 10 previous year papers. With the help of previous year papers, you can get to know the frequently asked questions. It is advisable to solve these papers. Practicing previous year papers can aid in brushing up your knowledge and help you score high marks in the exam.

  1. Select a suitable study area

You need to choose a suitable study area for exam preparation. It’s quite obvious that you’ll spend maximum time at your home to prepare for the government exam. So, make sure the room you are choosing to study for the exam is properly ventilated. Also, it is away from all the disturbance. To avoid distractions, you can keep digital devices away from yourself during the study hours.

In case you are unable to find a suitable spot at your home, you can choose to study at a library. It is the best place to study for the exam as it has minimum distractions. Also, when you will see maximum people around you studying for the exam, you’ll get a push and study effectively for the exam.

  1. Keep time for revision

Note that your aim should not be to complete the exam syllabus on time. It is essential to leave some time for revision as well. So, make sure you have completed the exam syllabus at least 15 days prior to the exam date. Keep the last days for revising important concepts and solving some tricky questions. Never try to start something new during the last days of exam preparation. Instead, focus on revising what you have already learnt. This way you can make your concepts stronger.

It is not easy for some candidates to prepare for the government exam on their own. So, they seek help from a resource to study effectively for the exam. Are you preparing for the SSC CGL exam? If yes, then approach an institute that is proficient in delivering SSC CGL coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the proven remedies for improving your performance in the government exam. If you have the zeal to crack the government exam in a single go, then follow the above tips and tricks rigidly.

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