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Study in Canada is facilitated by a variety of locations like universities, research institutes, companies, and government institutions. Canadian institutes provide researchers with advanced infrastructure, well-equipped research facilities, and highly skilled staff.

The universities of Canada support the students with the best research ideas or proposals. They even have the freedom to research or work on any research idea with the support of lecturers in the institutions. In case the research of the student is extraordinary and mind-blowing. He/she is most likely to get funded by the government or the relevant industry to further research on the idea. They are immensely provided monetary benefits in the form of scholarships for research work. The University of Toronto is a global leading institute when it comes to research and innovations. It has advanced technology and funding resources to support research in a variety of study fields. According to a report the University of Toronto has been awarded $1.27 billion CAD funds to back up research for the academic session of 2017 to 2018 only.

Studying and researching in Canada students and researchers are provided such a comfortable environment to think boldly and with different ideas. The Canadian government and higher education system spend a lot of resources required by international students in the form of Extended Learning Program and Flexible Learning Program, support services, workshops, and training for academic and personal advancement.

R&D in Canada:

According to reports in 2014, Canada spent CAD 13 billion in Research and Development, and it is 40 percent of total Canadian research and development. The universities of Canada overall conduct CAD 1 billion in research for businesses, help to raise their competitive advantage. The Canadian universities perform CAD 1.2 billion for other non-profit sectors which have raised three times since the year 2000.

According to a comprehensive report, Canada is ranking at number 4 globally for its contribution to research and the quality with which research is conducting. The Council of Canadian Academies conducts a thorough assessment report on the evaluation of science and technology in Canada. According to this report, the most widely cited scientific papers are written by 5000 researchers and authors of Canada. The other three leading countries are the United States, Britain, and Germany.

Best universities in Canada for Research

The universities of Canada are remarkable not only for their academic system, for the research conducted in them. The most renowned universities are the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. They are a highly respect university for their high impact on research.

Other Canadian universities for research are;

  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal
  • Federal Research Institutes

These institutes are located across Canada by collaborating with these institutions a researcher can get many benefits. 

  • Genome Canada 

Genome Canada supports genomic research with bold ideas and people. The institution invests in advanced research of science and technology to fuel innovations and finds the best solutions for new discoveries or genetic problems.

  • Canada’s National Research Council

It collaborates with different research institutes and advanced research centers of science and technology throughout the world.

  • Ocean Networks Canada and Ocean Tracking Network

The Ocean Network monitors the east and west coasts, and the Arctic area. They continuously provide the data for scientific research that helps communities, governments, and industries to make perfect and beneficial decisions regarding our future. The Ocean Tracking Network deploys acoustic receivers in key locations of oceans and inland waters. Connect them through a shared data system with other compatible receivers operated by national and international partners.

  • Perimeter Institute

Perimeter Institute is a leading Centre for scientific research, research training, and educational outreach in foundational theoretical physics.

  • Universities Canada

Universities represents the universities of Canada providing all the related information on university study. And offering scholarships on behalf of private sector companies.

Scholarships and funding for research

The Canada Foundation for Innovation makes it possible for national and international researchers to have the tools. Advanced technology labs facilities, and equipment they need so that the researchers fully contribute to research. WSL Consultants provides scholarship information for international students and researchers. Grand Challenges Canada supports and encourages the striking ideas of researchers.

International Development Research Centre offers grants, scholarships, and funding to research researching on global development challenges. Mitacs Accelerate International support the bilateral research collaboration, interns, universities, industry partner both in Canada and abroad. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council promote research in advanced science, engineering, humanities, and social sciences respectively.

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