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If you live in Christchurch and you have to do professional carpet cleaners, Steam pro offers you high quality and professional cleaning service at the most competitive prices. We clean your carpets using unique, formulated, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, 

then your family, pet animals and 

our environment can be free of harsh chemicals and soap.


Whether the carpet is dirty or stained, we have got what you need to return your carpet to the beautiful carpet it used to be. With the help of carpet cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, you are sure to receive a thoroughly cleaned carpet. Our service uses 75% less water so that the carpet can dry up quickly.  As a result, we can deliver a cleaned carpet within 24 hours.

Steam Commercial provides you with the most reliable, highly responsive, and professional commercial carpet steam cleaning service in Christchurch.

We are offering:

One-off clean

Regular clean

We are covering:

  • Office & Building Cleaning
  • Gym & Recreation Center Cleaning
  • Early Childhood & Kindergarten Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Church Cleaning
  • Medical & Dental Clinics


Hot water extraction – known as steam cleaning, this method uses equipment that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals, on the carpet. Simultaneously, it vacuums the sprayed water along with the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved. It has widely recommended by most carpet manufacturers as the most efficient method to clean most types of carpets.

Recognized as the most efficient method among industry experts

Reduces allergen amounts significantly – the right solution for families with little children and pets

The heated water destroys all bio-contaminants such  as microbes, mites, and bed bugs.

It allows for 100% eco cleaning for carpets, which are not extremely dirty.

Air quality has significantly improved after a procedure as the textile floor’s air filtering ability has renewed.


When the mould develops in the carpet, it often leaves behind green or black splotches. Here are the individual sections of the rug may be discoloured as well

. While the mould often grows on top of the carpet, it can also hide underneath it. Accordingly, you may need to lift a corner to look for the dark patch.


The pungent and the musty odour are tell-tale signs of mould-growth. If you have the musty odour that persists even after airing out your room, the chances are that it comes from your carpets.




If your carpet has never seemed to dry out, then you could have a persistent leak that would make it more likely to develop mould. You’ll first need to address the source of your water damage before checking to see if any mould is lurking inside your carpet.




Mould anywhere in your home can lead to an increase in allergy-like symptoms and breathing difficulties. If you notice more allergy or breathing problems than usual, you should have your carpets inspected for mould. Remember that mould may not always be evident if you have a dark-coloured rug or the spores are growing underneath.


Benefits and Limits:

After flood damage, mould can be lurking inside your carpet. It is true even if you thoroughly dried out your rug or tried to clean it yourself. DIY cleaning methods usually are ineffective against mould and mildew, which is why you need professional services such as ours. The good news is, we can often eliminate mould and restore your carpets to their previous condition. To find out more or to clean your mouldy carpets, please contact us.

Shampoo clean enjoys many years as the method of choice for the carpet clean. Over the years more carpet has been cleaned by shampoos than by other methods. Starting with natural soap, and then moving on to synthetic detergent, shampoo has to provide a reliable, safe, and effective way to clean million of a square yard of the carpeting. Get more info at Carpet cleaning christchurch to be profitable.


This method consists of the rotary floor machine equipped with a solution tank and shower feed brush. After a vacuum, the carpet is scrub while the shampoo

 solution is feed through the showering feed brushes. This system is relatively economical, excellent agitation and deep clean produces an overall result in cleaning. However, a high-level skill is involved, as over-wetting and pile distortion can quickly occur.

In recent years, shampoo cleaning has fallen into disfavour and is being replaced by the extraction or encapsulation as the method of choice for most professional carpet cleaners. 


Benefits of shampooing carpet include:


 1) Wide variety of competing chemicals that can target a specific fibre or soil

 2) Long dwell time of chemical on fibre compared to bonnet cleaning.

 3) High agitation which can release more soils that other methods.


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