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Car Locksmith In Tucson

At OR Locksmith, we handle all aspects of locksmithing-  be they residential, commercial or automotive. Locksmiths are integral service providers on matters touching construction and security. It is therefore important that you have a locksmith that you can trust at all times. If you are in Tucson, Arizona, OR Locksmiths are the people to call.

How much does a locksmith callout cost?

A callout for a locksmith in Tucson will cost, on average, from about $75. This rate varies from location to location. Locksmith services in modern areas and cities will cost more of course. The same applies if you are situated or stranded in a remote area that requires the locksmith to travel a long distance to get to you. Emergency callouts at late hours are also more expensive. OR Locksmiths has some of the best rates in the area including a 10% discount for newcomers and vets. 

Why are locksmiths so expensive?

Locksmithing is a specialized tradecraft that requires a lot of skill to master. So even though some of our services may take a short amount of time, the cost of the service still has to reflect the nature of the work done. Some people consider locksmith services to be expensive only because they incorrectly assume the work is unskilled. However, it is a very skilled labor that also comes with many challenges and security risks. Think your Tucson Locksmith is charging you unfairly high? Come to OR or call us for a quote and stand to enjoy lower rates. 

What proof does a locksmith need?

A locksmith needs proof of ownership before they can open the doors to a house, a car or a safe. The reasons for this are obvious and the law requires them to abide. If a locksmith does not demand proof of ownership before changing locks or providing entry, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble and even lose their license to operate. The most trustworthy proof of ownership is a title to a car or a house. However, if it is not possible to produce such evidence during the time of the callout other forms of proof are allowed such as:

  • Having other people vouch for you.
  • Having law officers vouch for you.
  • Any other evidence that shows that you own the property in question. 

Will a locksmith damage my car?

No, a locksmith will lot damage your car. Remember they are not just another jack trying their luck with your car locks. They are highly trained for the job and they have the right materials to open your car quickly and safely. If you have lost your car keys, or if you have locked them inside your car, trust your auto locksmith to open it up without causing any damage.  

How often should one seek a locksmith maintenance service?

Although most people only remember to call their locksmith when they are in trouble, it is actually a good idea to seek service maintenance visits from them routinely. Such service maintenance visits will provide a chance to repair and fine tune faulty locks so that you can avoid emergencies such as jammed locks. Seek such commercial and residential locksmith maintenance services once a year.  

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