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Stylish Accessories

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to accessorize their bathroom. Bathrooms are versatile, mercurial spaces that can bring out a homeowner’s creative, imaginative instincts. Bathrooms are not about the toilet, washbasins, and shower area, but the details of your bath space speak volumes about your personality. Bathroom accessories aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity. The endless possibilities can be subtle touches or extreme, grand fixtures. 

Many need to pay more attention to bath fitting accessories in the initial stages of bathroom designing and planning as they deem unnecessary or not essential. But gone are the days when bathrooms are mundane and just a place to take a quick shower. Modern bathroom fitting accessories can make your life easier, apart from accentuating the body language of your bathroom. The best bath accessories aid practicality and flexibility apart from stamping your personality. You can buy bathroom accessories online or offline to make your sanctum appear splendid.

Here are the popular bathroom accessories list to make your bathroom stand out

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are another great addition to the bathroom. Similar to bathroom mirrors, they come in various styles, sizes, and functions. It includes digital clocks, magnifying mirrors, and LED lighting, all of which improve the bathroom operation. Mirrors are a practical tool for ensuring your appearance. Many mirrors serve a purpose other than decoration. Additional luxury features & capabilities, such as heating & illumination, make you perform a more comprehensive self-inspection.

Round mirrors are classy decorations that soften angular, aggressive spaces. A variety of LED and illuminated mirrors are also included. Thanks to the magnifying mirrors in these very modern objects, you can see every pore. 

Towel Bar

Towel rails are of utmost importance in home bathroom accessories. It is a crucial component of bathroom hygiene. It is used to hang wet towels or wet clothes to dry. If your family is small or if you want to hang more towels and clothes, you can choose a single towel rail. If your family is larger, you can select a double rail.

In addition, wet towels can create a bathroom mess, making your bathroom look untidy with damp bathroom floors. The limited bathroom space is also a problem faced by many. With towels lying around, it creates a cluttered and cramped bathroom look. Without proper drying, damp towels breed bacteria and raise concerns about towel hygiene. In a nutshell, towel bars keep towels neat, optimize space, and allow proper drying. 

Among the best brands for bathroom accessories, you can opt for a Kohler 610 mm single towel bar in a multitude of colors, including French gold, brushed nickel, rose gold, and black. The 610 mm standard size makes for a good balance between towel storage capacity and space utilization. Kohler towel bar allows you to address your storage needs stylishly and efficiently. The Kohler accent towel bar is synonymous with its name and can act as a decorative or distinctive element that stands out and enhances the overall bathroom appearance.

 Stylish Accessories

 Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet paper holder is among the most important bathroom fittings among the bathroom utilities. They are made of stainless steel, wood, plastic, or chrome and are installed on the wall close to the toilet pan. Toilet paper holders are bathroom accessories that subtly add personality to your bathroom while being incredibly sturdy and fashionable. 

Moreover, disorganized bathroom tissues can make your bathroom look messy. Things could appear haywire and in total disarray, leading to frustration when tissues are hard to find. It can also lead to unrolled or wasted tissue sheets with inefficient tissue usage and paper waste. Proper placement of tissues protects tissues from contaminants. Apart from the functional aspect, the toilet tissue holder is an aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessory. 

 Toilet Paper Holder

 Soap Dishes

The annoying thing about using bar soap is storing it. They let the soap dry out while it soaks in its own filthy water. But because it is submerged in still water, the soap never dries. The soap quickly becomes clammy and unusable, leading to inefficient usage. 

It eventually leads to frequent soap replacement due to waste. Unsightly soap bars and soap debris can lead to aesthetic displeasure. At the same time, a soap dish enhances bathroom aesthetics with secure soap handling. Purchase a soap dish that keeps your soap dry and glams up the look of your bathroom.

 Soap Dishes

Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder is an important bathroom accessory since the bathroom environment encourages bacteria growth. The combination of three favorable bathroom conditions—high moisture content, high humidity, and above-average temperature—is the cause of this.

Use a toothbrush holder that keeps the toothbrush in place to protect it from hazardous bacteria and germs. One of the toothbrush parts that require safety from contamination is brush bristles. The toothbrush comes in contact with dirty surfaces, leading to increased germ transfer. The toothbrush holder protects the toothbrush from surface contact. 

Toothbrush Holder

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the few useful bathroom accessories that help to make your bathroom stylish yet functional. Incorporating these accessories will enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom apart from the functional aspect. While looking for the best bathroom accessories brands, Kohler offers a one-stop solution for your bathroom needs. You can buy bathroom accessories online and make your bathroom bold forever. Contact us at contact.africa@kohler.com or visit https://www.africa.kohler.com/


Which fitting is best for the bathroom?

Mirrors, towel bars, and soap dishes are among the best bathroom fittings. 

Which company is best for bathroom accessories?

Kohler is the best bathroom accessories brand to buy bathroom accessories online. 

Which bathroom products are best?

It depends on your usage and preference. Bathtubs, showers, and commodes are among the important bathroom products. 

What are the most durable bathroom accessories?

Towel bars, soap dishes, and tumbler holders are the most durable bathroom accessories. `

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