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For many homes, outside fire pits are great pieces for beauty and warmth in their outdoor space. While there are many benefits to owning a fire pit, you must ensure to place it in the right position. Positioning is important for detail, functionality, and safety. Unlike other outdoor furniture and accessories, great care is needed to determine the best position to place your fire pit. 

It will also ensure that you and your family are not prone to any form of fire hazard. In this article, you’ll find the perfect spot to position your fire pit for a cozy and warm atmosphere to wine and dine with loved ones. 

5 Safety Tips to Place Outside Fire Pit on Your Patio

Various elements come together to determine the perfect spot to place an outdoor fire pit. Here are five tips to position your outside fire pit on your patio.

1. Use a non-flammable base material:

When positioning your fire pit, consider the base on which it sits instead of directly on the bare floor. Carefully select non-flammable materials and place them at the bottom of the fire pit for a cushioning effect. Look out for base materials made of pavers, stones, or concrete. 

They help to eliminate the possibility of anything catching on by mistake, while also giving the fire pit stability. The base also eliminates the chances of tilting during storms. Do not decorate the sides of the base with flowers or any flammable aesthetics, it may cause harm to your patio.

2. Place it far from trees

Placing your outside fire pit close to your garden may not be a good decision to make. This is because the leaves may dry off and fall into the flames of the fire pit. This may catch on and could cause a major fire outbreak.  In general, you should position it at least ten feet from any surface or away from contact with any flammable material, like your home or your neighbors’ fences, and away from nearby trees and plants that could lead to a fire.

3. Maintain safe proximity to your outdoor furniture:

Do not leave the outside fire pit positioned in close proximity to your furniture. Ensure that there’s ample space for everyone to comfortably seat there around it, without it being uncomfortably close to the furniture. Regardless of your chosen pattern of arrangement, ensure to maintain safe proximity.

4. Choose functional areas:

To guarantee safety, comfort, and utility, selecting a functional area to put your fire pit on your patio requires careful planning. You need to know your patio landscape and locate spaces where your outside fire pit may serve many purposes. Decide where the fire pit will fit in each of your patio’s functional zones, such as the seating, dining, cooking, and lounging areas. Understand the landscape and ensure it sits on balanced ground and not on a tilting surface.

5. Position the outside fire pit in natural points:

On your patio, consider any naturally occurring focal points or attractions, such as a lovely view, a water feature, or an intriguing landscape component. Ensure to position your fire pit in such a way that it contributes to this view without making it too close to any of the features. Ensure that you also check out your manufacturer’s guidelines so your setup is within safety. 

Factors to consider when deciding an ideal space for an outside fire pit on your patio

Consider the following factors to find an ideal space for your outside fire pit on your patio:

  • Safety: While fire pits may add beauty to your patio, they may also cause harm if you are not careful enough. It is important that you factor in safety before concluding where to place your outside fire pit properly. You can check local legislation and requirements for an outside fire pit installation to guarantee compliance.
  • Wind direction: When positioning the fire pit, take into account the predominant wind direction in your region. You should not position the fire pit where the smoke can enter your home or dining area directly.
  • Sunlight: If you’re using a propane fire pit ensure to keep your gas tank enclosed and away from the sunlight for safety reasons. Some fire pit designs come with an enclosed casing for the gas tank, otherwise, keep the cylinder in a shaded area. This helps to ensure safety should an unexpected leak occur.


The fire pit is a true beauty to behold and must be handled with care. By considering the location ideas and safety tips in this article carefully, you may benefit more from the fire pit functionality and enjoy your time on your patio. 

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