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Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Review, Story, and Cast and Crew

Animation and animated movies have become rich over time and added a lot of color to the film industry with creative ideas and storytelling. And there are tons of animated movies hanging on the film shelf that cover topics like love, adventure, and loss.

Additionally, these movies have somehow led to a change in people’s mindsets and have even motivated some to choose the right path.

So, one of those animated films is Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7, which is a movie that holds a good part in the industry and is packed with all those adventures and creative visuals ready to get into the hearts of viewers.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Plot: What’s in the story?

So in this wild ride of ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 which is titled ‘Full Meta Jackrick’, things get seriously meta because Rick and Morty find themselves stuck in this crazy loop of adventures, thanks to some meta-powered creatures attacking them from beyond the Fourth Wall. And it gets even weird when they end up in a dimension where narrative gimmicks become real right in front of them.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Plot What's in the story

So, to break out of his Meta Layer mess, they need to butt into the fortress of the Self-Referential Six, which is a group of superheroes with powers tied to meta-stories, and at the same time, Rick somehow knows that there is a prisoner inside who can help them escape.

And so, overall they manage to find this dude named Rhett inside, who turns out to be a game-changer because he figures out the weaknesses of the Self-Referential Six, making them easy targets, but Rhett decides there is nothing beyond the fortress, and so eventually it is known that the fortress is just an orange.

Later we find in Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 that our duo is stuck wandering the frozen wastelands of Meta Layer until they get a bizarre rescue from none other than the dead Joseph Campbell, and he somehow sets them back on track.

What do we know about Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Cast?

  • (Chris Parnell) – as ‘Jerry Smith’
  • (Justin Roiland) – as the duo ‘Rick’ and ‘Morty’
  • (Spencer Grammer) – as ‘Summer Smith’
  • (Sarah Chalke) – as ‘Beth Smith’
  • (Paul Giamatti) – as ‘Story Lord’
  • (Christopher Melni) – as ‘Jesus Christ’
  • (Dan Harmon) – as ‘Joseph Campbell

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What about the Rick and Morty Season 7 Release Date?

So the seventh season of Rick and Morty came in the month of October 2023 and had a total of ten episodes in it. And what is the funny part is that they gave the green light for this session back in 2020 even before Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 and the fourth season had finished airing.

What about the Rick and Morty Season 7 Release Date

Plot Details

Season 7 continues to show the family drama where people are facing some pretty heavy existential stuff and it looks like we are getting a closer look at Rick’s character growth. Additionally, some people are the liking the unique storytelling while others give it a hard time, saying it is a bit all over the place and could use a bit more focus.

The theme of Rick and Morty Season 7 Teaser Trailer

  • You will learn about personal growth.

So, in this season of Rick and Morty, we really get to see some serious character growth, especially in episodes like ‘Unmortricken’ and the finale. ‘Fear No Mort’, and they totally nailed it with storytelling in those ones.

Additionally, in the given episodes, you learn about his struggles with mortality and all the baggage that comes with it, and Morty is put through the wringer and has to face up to his fears and grow from them because these episodes tackle deeper stuff like who these characters really are and how they are changing.

  • You will learn about change.

This season brings a real change-up in vibe and they are all about keeping the storytelling sustainable because things get deeper with big overarching stories taking the spotlight, and at the same time, characters are facing tough choices, and the plot twists keep you on your toes.

And it is not just about the environment because they are talking about making sure the story stays strong and interesting for the long haul.

  • You will learn about character independence.

This season really dives into some juicy narrative stuff, and one of the big themes is all about independence, especially focusing on Morty because he is starting to break out on his own, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for solo adventures. And it is like watching him spread his wings and find his own path.

  • You will get a glimpse of the inconsistency of life.

People are saying that it feels like each episode is doing its own thing and not really connecting with them because of the inconsistency.

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What is so interesting about Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 Release Date?

So, giving it to you straight, the story is about Rick and Morty stuck in this crazy loop of adventures that messes with your head a bit leading up to a finale with a villain who is not really feeling it.

And at the same time they tackle some heavy stuff like personal growth and the meaning of life along the way and whether you should watch it or not really depends on if you are into the show’s quirky humor and off-the-wall storytelling.

Wrapping Up with Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7

In conclusion, we would like to say that anyone who is interested in watching something engaging that is animated and funny at the same time, should definitely watch Rick and Morty Season 6 Episode 7 and all the other parts as well to have a good knowledge of what is in the story and get the best out of it.

And so with that, we end our blog and hope that all the things related to the topic are covered and there is nothing left unsaid.

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