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Snowfall Cast Premise, Trivia, And All You Need To Know

We watch movies and shows generally to entertain us after doing our work or studying. Still, some of those are meant to be made by makers to watch with full concentration and honesty because they impact our lives so much through their story, characters, and cinematography that we start thinking about our decisions and the questionability of minds then.

Snowfall is one of those shows that force us to think about drugs and their impact on the lives of especially teenagers who can become anything they want but they get somehow injected with drugs and make their lives hell. They become addicted to that level where they can even murder their family members for money or drugs as we hear in the news so often.

In this article, we’ll learn everything about the Snowfall cast, its premise, and some fun trivia, so Stay Tuned to the end.

Snowfall Premise

Its storyline is set in the suburbs and main Los Angeles, USA between the years 1983 and 1986. It revolves around the first crack epidemic, which was a surge in the use of cocaine in many cities of the US in the late 80s and early 90s, and the impact of it on the lives of many characters, especially students, and the steps taken by the government after it.

Snowfall Premise

Franklin has left the drug business on his own and chose to walk away because he doesn’t want to do bad to more teenagers who are dying from his cocaine but are left stranded because all his money has been captured by Teddy and simultaneously Louie and Jerome have also broken their friendship with him.

Franklin now has to make friends somehow to even live with those who once tried to kill him and those people even hate the US for their reasons. Between all of this Teddy, however, has managed to hack Franklin’s bank account and take all the funding for his and the government’s mission of war ongoing. 

Snowfall Cast

Franklin Saint, the lead character of the show is a 20-year-old drug dealer who does illegal work to feed his whole family and he’s from South Central Los Angeles. Gustavo ‘El Oso’ Zapata is another lead character who is a former Mexican luchador who once was affiliated with Villanueva Cartel and deals in drugs.

Snowfall Cast

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Mcdonald/ Reed Thompson is another lead character who is a CIA undercover agent trying to get information and working for the government in the war against the communism of Nicaragua, Lucia Villanueva the last lead character of the show is the daughter of a Mexican crime and drug boss and the sole heiress of Villanueva Cartel who is struggling with all the dealings and trying to understand the work.

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Snowfall Season 6 Cast

Damson Idris played the character Franklin Saint, Carter Hudson played Teddy Mcdonald, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta played Gustavo El Oso Zapata the lead characters and 

Character of Snowfall Season 6

Recurring Snowfall Cast Characters are Michael Hyatt as Cissy Saint who plays Franklin’s mother role, Amin Joseph as Jerome Saint who plays Franklin’s uncle role, Angela Lewis as Louanne Saint who plays Franklin’s Aunt, Isaiah John as Leon Simmons who plays Franklin’s best friend, Devyn A. Tyler as Veronique Turner who plays Franklin’s pregnant girlfriend, Gail Bean as Wanda Bell who plays LEon’s girlfriend and Alejandro Edda as Ruben who plays KGB spy trying to discredit the CIA are snowfall cast season 6.

All the lead characters are in the Snowfall cast season 5 too with some recurring Snowfall Cast members such as Alon Aboutboul as Avi Drexler who plays Israeli drug kingpin who once was a former Mossad agent, Taylor Kowalski as Rob Volpe who plays Franklin’s Valley connection whom franklin comes to meet sometimes for information, and many more characters are there who plays their part in whole series time-to-time.

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Snowfall Trivia

  • The character of Snowfall Cast lead Franklin Saint was based on the real drug lord boss Ricky Donnel ’Freeway’ Rick Ross who used to do drug deals in Los Angeles when the Crack Cocaine Epidemic going non in the 1980s and early 90s.
  • There are several references you’ll find in the starting two and three seasons about the Olympics because the 1984 Olympics happened in Los Angeles where this story is based and the drug system was going on.
  • The alleged involvement of the CIA is also shown in the documentary The Last Narc (2020) where they supported illegal foreign arms supplies and drug trade. 
  • Dave Andron was approached by the producers when the first pilot wasn’t picked up by the distributors because they wanted a less dark tone of the show and hence he had to reshoot with some new cast members. 
  • FX bought the show after Showtime rejected the first pilot but it became a huge hit so Showtime has missed this opportunity.
  • According to maker Dave, he intended to make the theme of the show authentic back in the 80s by making wardrobe special designs but ignored the distracting over-the-top things that viewers don’t like about the 80s in general.
  • A young Snowfall cast member male filmed some scenes with a Super 8 camera at the finale of Season 3 by wearing a South Central cinema cap for the tribute to one of the show’s makers, the late John Singleton.


All the Snowfall Cast characters performed very well and took the screenplay to the next level because the show makers have given attention to detail. We should cherish these kinds of shows so that our future generations don’t indulge in illegal activities such as drugs and crime because if they watch the show and the impact of drugs on the human body, they’ll realize why they shouldn’t do it.

Snowfall Cast especially Franklin is a story of rags to riches as we can see how he becomes this giant in front of us but should we ethically judge him morally or we should justify his illegal work because he had nothing when we started and situations made him do all of that.

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