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Who does not know about Rick Scott? His controversy about water quality decisions is highly popular these days. Richard Lynn Scott belongs to Florida, Naples, and is born December 1, 1952. This American businessman and politician are serving as the Junior United States senator from Florida since last year. Rick Scott was the 45th Governor of Florida from 2011 to 2019 as a member of the Republican Party. In America, he is a famous name and popular for her political decisions. Being a politician, he has several followers and supporters. 

As per a news source, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has run for American Senate and one of the major campaign techniques is to flat-out admit he theft a then-record amount of money from Medicaid and Medicare when he was running a system of a hospital. Due to this act, he has made it hard for people to come into the hospital and manage their health care.  

In Florida, things were very hard to manage. Some areas of the river and coastline of the states are neon green. Some areas stink reddish-brown sludge. This condition makes that entire part toxic due to which babies cannot breathe the air and beachfront businesses have been closed. Police were patrolling in the area and they use to wear gas masks. It is similar to the videogame Fallout but it is real. 

If you want to learn more about water crises, then you must know access the official website of Scott J Cooper. He has designed a reporting platform for the water crises. He has offered solutions to transform millions of lives across the world. In this way, he tries to save millions of lives and provides safe water to families. Learn more about the details of the Rick Water quality decisions here. Some of his decisions are about water quality are here.


Cutting 700 million dollars from local water management district

  1. He has deducted the water management district’s budgets that manage sites such as the Indian River Lagoon and Everglades. 
  2. From the South Florida Management, he eliminated over 300 positions.
  3. Rick dismissed about one hundred and fifty million dollars from the budget of the DEP and placed former shipyard executive Herschel Vinyard in charge with Jeff Littlejohn. 

Environmentalists and Scientists have described that his policies as shortsighted and faulty. They say that this aquatic ecosystem collapse will be harmful to the economy. 

In fact, it is not true to blame Scott only. It is funded of bout two hundred million per year to Glades. The budget was reduced in half and then it is decreased further under Gov. Charlie Crist in the late 2000s. 

Allowed septic tank owner to throw waste into waterways for the public

It is really harmful decision for the public. With this decision, toxic algae blooms are now erupting in Florida. These are seen in the Lake Okeechobee to St. Johns River as well as both coasts in Florida. Moreover, it is a huge source to produce pollution in the environment and can be harmful to the majority of the industries especially it has ruined the health of people in Florida. 

Reducing standards of water quality and allowing industrial organizations to dump more cancer leading chemicals into the river

It is the prime source to promote more and more cancerous diseases in the state. These chemicals will enhance the amount of cancer-causing toxins. 


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