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Many students want to study abroad after completing their degree, graduation or tenth. They can study in a reputed university and secure a top-notch job in the future. Some of the universities across the world offer some of the most specialized subjects and the students can build a lucrative career if they study these subjects. But, they should get proper guidance from experts so that they can establish goals for the future. Many students from Delhi want to study abroad after completing their degree. So, the study abroad consultants in Delhi provide advisory services to the students to build a future career.

Admission counseling to students

The consultants provide counseling to the students to study abroad. The students should choose a university he/she wishes to study. They should study in the most reputed university so that they can easily secure job after completing studies. But, the most reputed universities across the world require students who are highly competent and talented. They cannot offer admission to any student easily. So, the students should be aware of the eligibility criteria of the university. These universities deeply access the profile of each student. They consider several factors before admitting the student to the university such as the Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendations, school and college record, application essays etc.

So, the students should produce several documents and should prepare for the respective competitive exams that are conducted by the Board of Council. Their process of counseling is methodical and they access the profile of the student carefully. Every student has a student profile and hence they provide counseling to the students in a different manner.

Following are the steps for counseling

The study abroad consultants in Delhi provide effective counseling to the students.

Profile enhancement and assessment

A student can secure admission in a desired college if they are properly guided. Their profile should reveal their overall talents, achievements, academic score, interests and their strengths.

Short listing of universities

The students should choose a university that offers them the subjects, they want to study. The university should also provide quality education and should comprise staff that is well-qualified and skilled. The counselors build a vast network of universities that provide the related subjects and should also access the profile of the students. So, they can choose a university that is suitable to them. The students should produce documents that are essential such as the LORs, SOPs, CV, academic reports, certificate of merits, statement of purpose and the letter written to the university.

Financial planning

The reputed universities across the world demand higher fees from the students and most of the students cannot resource independently. So, they borrow loans from various institutions. The counselors help the students to secure fund from various funds. So, they require different types of certificates and documents such as referrals, affidavit, loan-sanctioning, or the letter that is required from the bank. The student should secure a letter from parents.

Interview training

They provide training to the students preparing them for the interview. They update them with the most common questions that are asked to them.

Visa counseling

The students should secure Visa and hence they should know the process of securing Visa. They should know about the formalities to depart to the other nation.

So, the study abroad consultants in Delhi provide counseling services to them to fulfill the criteria of the universities abroad.  

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