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Scholarship Opportunities In CanadaScholarship Opportunities In Canada

Canada is the land of opportunities. There are many reasons people from all over the world opt for higher education in Canada. It hosts a culturally diverse population and offers a plethora of world-class academic opportunities for foreign students.

Many Pakistanis opt for education in Canada, whether they get a scholarship or not. If you are one of those who have made up their mind to land in Canada for education, you need to explore the scholarship opportunities you have there.

Do your own research of the array of opportunities well-suited for you and then seek the guidance of professional Education Consultants in Islamabad to maximize your chances of being successful in the application process. These consultants can help you ensure your success in securing the admission and visa process, besides the knowledge of native land which will prove your savior in a completely foreign land.

This article aims to introduce you to scholarship programs in Canada that you, as a Pakistani student, can avail.

Top four scholarship programs in Canada Pakistanis must check out

Many Pakistanis, despite being very capable and bright, cannot think of pursuing their studies abroad. Scholarships provide a big sigh of relief for such students. In Canada, the government itself alongside some research centers offers programs that many students can benefit from.

These are as follows:

1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

It is a fellowship program which is funded by the Government of Canada. It attracts national and international talent alike. It is meant for post-doctoral aspirants with the aim to develop leadership potential among them and help them reach the heights of success in their professions.

Key areas of research under this fellowship are natural sciences, engineering, health research, social sciences, and humanities.  The duration of this fellowship program is two years.

2. Queen Elizabeth Scholarship

It is another program that the Canadian Government manages and funds and is often referred to as QES. You get an internship opportunity in a commonwealth country with this scholarship. This internship is paid and is often focused on areas of social impact, literacy, scientific research, and education.

To date, thousands of scholarships have been awarded to students from many parts of the world. QES has partnered with more than 500 organizations all over the world which include universities, research institutes, and Non-Government organizations.

3. CIHR Fellowship

This fellowship program is managed by the Canadian Institute of health research. It is open to all international students whether they are currently enrolled in any Canadian university or are aspiring for it. Those who are in possession of a degree relevant to the health profession can propose or aspire for a research program that can lead to a graduate degree.

When you apply for this fellowship, the application or selection of a program is not a prerequisite. Applicants need to prefer that they complete their application before the deadline to be on the safe side.

4. Mitacs Elevate

Mitacs stands for Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex systems. Mitacs elevate is a program run and managed by Mitacs. It is a highly competitive annual fellowship program with a maximum duration of two years.   It is a research-oriented management training program. It also serves as a postdoctoral fellowship.

The minimum duration of the program is one year and the maximum is two years. The program accepts candidates for all kinds of disciplines. Mitacs works with a partner organization that requires high-level expertise.

Aiming for a scholarship in Canada?

Educational experiences go a long way with a human being. There’s so much that one learns during their academic experience beyond the textbook knowledge. When you weigh and assess your options, you need to make sure you have carried out thorough research. You can check out the scholarship options in Canada as mentioned above.

After deciding your discipline and intended program, you need to get in touch with one of the education consultants in Islamabad to ensure that you sail through the application and never-ending documentation process successfully. Professionals will also help you with the visa process and give you bits of experience-based knowledge.

Your future is dependent on small decisions of today. Make this decision wisely to secure your future!

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