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How to Clean a Kilim Rug

Kilim hairpieces are some of the most beautiful and spectacular works of art, but like all other hairpieces, they’re made to be worn and walked on. Kilim rugs can be very durable and robust. Special attention and care are needed to maintain and clean them. It’s primarily recommended not to use harsh cleansers or rough cleaning, and instead use these easy ways to clean your kilim hairpiece at home.

Vacuum cleaning

Use a coherent vacuum with the correct setting for constant cleaning; vacuum both sides. Never use the highest location for vacuuming. Noway use a teetotaler or washing machine to clean a kilim hairpiece. The stylish place to clean and wash a kilim hairpiece is outdoors on the lawn or on clay with cold water. While do this, make sure you do not pass the kilim hairpiece on a flat face; the water needs to be suitable to drain to avoid soaking the kilim and fading the colors. Use a mild natural cleaner or baby soap to clean the hairpiece as a soap. Be careful not to vacuum over the points of a kilim rug. 


If the colors dissolve over time, use a 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 cold water solution on your kilim rug. Using a veritably soft encounter, encounter both sides of the carpet, then rinse with cold water. After washing the rug, lay it outside to dry in the shade, rotating it to dries evenly. T’s recommended revolving the carpet over to duck any sun harm if the carpet takes some time to parch in the sun. If your kilim rug has a stain or accidental spill, treat that stain immediately. Immediately blot the stain to remove as much of the liquid or substance as possible. Start from the very edge of the paint and move towards the center of the color to prevent it from spreading further. When you’ve blotted out as much of the stain as possible, place a shallow container with a slightly larger rim than the stain and place it underneath. Using cool, clean water, rinse and dilute the stain as much as possible. Be sure to flatten the kilim rug and blot the liquid until the stain is gone. Then, to dry the affected area, a hairdryer can be used on a very low or relaxed setting so that it does not increase the affected area.

Still, it’s stylish to seek a professional or a cleaning service, If all this doesn’t work. When choosing a cleaning service, you should know a few things. First, don’t take the rug directly to the dry cleaner. Dry cleaners can use harsh chemicals that can damage your carpet. Look for a professional cleaning service with experience and knowledge of kilim rug cleaning.

Maintaining a kilim rug can take a little more work than a regular rug, but it’s worth it. With proper care and patience, a stunning kilim rug can stand the test of time and become a family heirloom one day.

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