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As RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online game with entrenched RPG mechanics, there is no limit to the number of ways through which players can generate money. By and large, tactics differ from player to player.


That aside, the typical rule of thumb is; in-game wealth is acquirable for all those willing to slog it out. And of course, put in the hours. You’ve just got to invest those hours wisely.

To help players rack up cash more constructively, RuneScape took to Twitter recently. During the post, RuneScape shares a video created by popular Youtuber and Streamer @Tonix_RS. The video itself is a money-making guide in 2019, focusing on RuneScape, free-to-play users. On that note, players get given a breakdown of ten methods to make money. Some of them, more effective than others, it must be said.


But before you jump for joy, it’s worth bearing in mind that these schemes reflect current prices. Meaning, they’re subject to change, as in-game values never stay fixed for long. Also, some of the methods may be unusable by the time viewers watch the video. With that in mind, I recommend considering these potential caveats first.

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As candidly pointed out by @Tonix_RS, some of the methods seem sound, while others genuinely suck. But overall, there’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a newbie or a die-hard veteran. For instance, killing chickens is a fast and convenient way of stashing eggs and harvesting meat. These hold decent profit per hour, at around 1-1.2 million GP.

@Tonix_RS recommends 45 magic to enable chain ability, using the staff of air in unison with unlimited air runes. The best location for this method is Fred’s farm, north of combat academy. Overall, it’s a one-shot, drop and loot system that’s quick and accessible.


Another method mentioned is casting bones to bananas, via any bank chest. According to @Tonix_RS, you’ll need to have 15 magic, and at least 3.5 M in starting cash. At its most efficient, this method will produce 25K bones to bananas per hour. But you’re advised to equip the staff of water, and in your inventory should contain two earth runes, one nature rune, and 26 big or regular bones.


As you can see, though, this get-rich quick-scheme seems a little less profitable than the first.


Alternatively, based on @Tonix_RS findings, killing cows is yet another convenient way of making money, as it requires next to nothing. Aside from the staff of air for unlimited air runes, and the ring of kinship which offers a useful bank teleport. You can find the cows North of the Taverley Lodestone. Now, it’s worth noting that while it’s possible to one-hit KO the cows, they do possess more health points than chickens. But as a leveler; they do spawn quicker.

Highlighted above, are just a few examples illustrating ways to make money fast in Runescape. For a full rundown, however, you can check out the video posted by @Tonix_RS here.

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