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Do you have a computer drive or a damaged storage array? Don’t have a backup of your device data? No worries! SalvageData can fix it all. It will keep your company in business and will bring all the lost data back. With the best cleanroom for repairs, SalvageData operates a huge hard drive parts depot and provides free diagnostic software.

SalvageData has trained technicians and class 5 cleanroom. It offers instant access to all the needed parts. Individuals, business owners, and even governments can rely on SalvageData to revive broken drives. They have the ability to quickly lift business-critical data off them. SalvageData has been in business for more than 15 years, and the company handles everything. From a trashed laptop drive to the most complicated RAID system, they can recover any type of data.

SalvageData has 24/7 customer service with the feature of online chat and top-level security that helps them to recover and secure their lost data. SalvageData focuses on the needs of small businesses and treats everyone equally in the industry. They have amazing services with perfect pricing packages. Let’s have a look at their services and pricing details below.

SalvageData Services

Can’t let the drive out of your company’s hands? It’s okay, we can understand. That is why SalvageData sends a crew and the necessary equipment to do the repairs and restoration on-site. This can be quite expensive, and the crew will stay until the job is done, and all data is recovered safely.

Of course, SalvageData puts an emphasis on small businesses. They make every effort and do everything to recover the lost data and also treat them like big customers with white-glove service. We know that how a bad drive can be a matter of commercial life or death, so SalvageData makes sure to keep you alive from any kind of commercial death.

Trained Technicians and Specialists

If you don’t know, let me make one thing clear: SalvageData doesn’t do legal forensic work for electronic trial discovery. They have trained technicians and specialists that perform all the recovery tasks at very affordable rates. You can consult with these technicians about your storage systems and what service plans your company should adopt for the data recovery.

Getting affordable data recovery is not easy, but you can get them with SalvageData. SalvageData gives you its Windows Data Recovery Software, and they are capable if fixing simple software errors. Their program works with a variety of file systems and scans the suspect drive. Scanning shows what is actually wrong and to what extent you can recover the data.

SalvageData 24/7 Operating Service

SalvageData operates 24/7 and provides its repair facility to the customers. SalvageData is not only considered as the data recovery expert but is also on the Government Services Administration contractor list. Better Business Bureau is also currently in the process of rating the company.

You can call SalvageData or use the chat window on its website to start a restoration project. Describe your problem to one of the technicians, and the company will send you a prepaid FedEx label to ship the drive-in. You must know that SalvageData has 40 drop-off locations or can send a courier to pick up the drive, saving a lot of your time.

SalvageData has four levels of charges:

  1. Common software problems – $300 to $700
  2. Moderate physical damage $500 to $1,000
  3. Spindle seize-up – $700 to $1,400
  4. Extreme platter damage – $1,100 to $1,900

All of these levels are extremely affordable, and you can get them easily. Amazing services at such affordable prices are only available at SalvageData.

Give us a call today.

If you are facing any kind of data damage, just give us a call and describe your case. Our technician will help you get all the lost data back in record time and at very affordable prices.


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