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Santtu Seppala Know All About Husband of Sarah Rafferty

Aleksanteri Seppala is the original name of Santtu. He is a famous American stock research analyst in the United States. Santtu Seppala has also served as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Kiitos Capital Management. Moreover, Santtu Seppala is famous as the spouse of famed actress Sarah Rafferty. Santtu is a reputed businessman in Los Angeles. He is managing different portfolios throughout the city. Let’s discuss about Santtu Seppala in detail:

Early Life of Santtu Seppala

Early Life of Santtu Seppala
  • Santtu Seppala was born in Illinois on December 6 in the year of 1974. Illinois is the state of the United States of America. Santtu received US citizenship by birth. He holds American nationality along with Finnish too. Let us explain Finnish ethnicity. It is due to his immigration of her parents from Finland.
  • Santtu comes from a prosperous family. It’s because his father works as a self-sufficient consultant. He gives advice for the pharmaceutical business in Lake Forest. Santtu spent his early years in Illinois with his family. 
  • It is because of that he is placed in a good role as he was born. The parents of Santtu are Mr. & Mrs. Antti V. Seppala. They raised him in a good environment.

Age, Height & Body Measurement of Santtu Seppala 

  • Santtu Seppala is 46 years old as previously mentioned. He was born on December 6 in the year of 1974. Moreover, Santtu stands 5’6″ on average. It is when discussing his other physical attributes. There’s no further details about his other physical characteristics.
  • Santtu Seppala is thought to weigh an average of 65 kg. He has a toned physique which is attractive. Moreover, Santtu has good looks. It is even at a young age. He retained his youthful appearance for a number of years.

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Educational Journey of Santtu Seppala

Santtu Seppala is said to have finished her elementary education in her hometown. Santtu was able to achieve decent ratings in his studies. It is despite being an average student. Santtu did enroll at Yale University just after finishing high school in 1989. He earned a bachelor’s degree in the year of 1993. Santtu enrolled at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to earn an MBA.

Santtu Seppala: An Investment Manager & Financial Analyst

  • Sarah Rafferty started her career as an actor. Her spouse works in a different field. Santtu Seppala is a financial analyst & investment manager with decades of experience. Seppala has worked his way up to the esteemed position over the years. He currently holds a number of positions in his beloved country.
  • Santtu began his career as a financial analyst. Seppala was working for a number of companies. It includes Lazard Asset Management from 1998- 2003. He started working as a portfolio manager at Cantillon Capital Management LLC in the year of 2013. It is before leaving to become a managing member. He was the CIO at Kiitos Capital Management LLC in 2008.
  • Santtua Seppala joined the management committee. He was appointed as chief strategy officer of Staxxon. It is a startup that uses folding & nesting technology. It is to construct or modify shipping containers. The company was founded in October 2015. He still holds the job as of right now.
  • Along with this, Santtu joined the Angeleno Group. It is a venture capital & private equity firm. It focuses on investing in clean energy. It will play its role as a climate solutions firm in March 2021. He acted as the vice president of strategy & business development.
  • Santtu Seppala is interested in charitable activities outside of his busy job. It’s especially for those who support causes related to education. He also worked for the improvement of the environment. His commitment to his family. His goal of promoting innovation in the tech industry is unwavering. He is giving his time to such activities despite his hectic schedule.

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Personal Life of Santtu Seppala

  • Santtu Seppala married Sarah Rafferty on June 23 in the year of 2001. The 2 have had a lovely marriage ever since. The couple wed at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary in Greenwich, Connecticut according to the accounts.
  • Oona Gray is the name of Santtu & the first child of Sarah. His child was born in 2007. The couple had their first kid. His kid was born in 2012. The name Iris Friday for their second daughter. The personal life of Santtu Seppala is a lovely illustration. This page combines the commitment & family.
  • He happily married actress Sarah Rafferty on June 23 in the year of 2001. A lovely wedding celebrating their union took place in Connecticut. They were lucky to have 2 cherished daughters. These are Oonna Gray in 2007 & Iris Friday in 2012.

Professional Career of Santtu Seppala

  • Santtu started his professional journey as a financial analyst. It is at the Salomon Brothers Company in New York City. It is following the completion of his master’s degree. Santtu began his career in business after 2 years of employment with the Finnish Defense Force. It is working in the Helsinki region of the capital of the country.
  • Santtu worked in Lazard Freres. The asset management division of the Company is in New York. He has become quite wealthy. It is to maximize the salary this work has provided. Santtu has worked with Kiitos Capital since 2008. He acted as the CIO & a stock research analyst. Santtu Seppala is a reputed stock research expert. He has no affiliation with the media or TV sector. Santtu hasn’t won any honors yet as per the report.


Santtu Seppala is among the wealthiest businessmen in America. He is highly famous in the business world & for his work. He provided a number of services to the business sector. The net worth of Santtu Seppala is around USD 8 Mn based on reliable sources. He has experience working for a number of organizations. Santtu is well-versed in what works for which. It is implied that he has had success in the banking field.

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