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In the early centuries, one would draw their sword to make a decision. But nowadays, all one has to do is draw a number, wait for Saturday and let life take its course. Oz lotteries knew this type of duelling with luck, needed no grand stadium or an audience. Just an electronic device and a Wi-Fi connection.

Much like the duelling, Saturday Lotto has been a tradition that started during the 70s in a few states that eventually panned into a nationwide event. The Saturday night draw held by Tatts Lotto is a weekly lottery system. As the draw went digital, it allowed every Aussie a chance to shoot their shot.

How to Play

There are 45 balls marked from 1 to 45. Out of these. 8 balls can be drawn randomly. The player has to match their 6 numbers with 6 winning numbers drawn from the balls. At the end of the game, what awaits the winner is a 5 million dollar deal. This weekly affair happens unfailingly on every Saturday. Additionally, there are regular events that offer about 20 million dollars.

Types of Entries

The player can choose to play in different variations of the game, which are:

Quick Entry: This is the most convenient way to play; this lets the computer pick the numbers for the player. It makes it easier since no forms have to fill out. All the player has to do is choose the number of games they want to play.

Marked Entry: While choosing the number of games, the players can also select the numbers to their liking in this entry. If labouring over the task of finding a number with the most odds to win is what the players want to feel satisfied, then that is a labour of love. The number of games that one can play will vary depending on how they choose to go about it. The apps give, up to 50 games while a store-bought coupon gives, up to 18 games.

System Entry: It gets exciting with a system entry for a player since there are way more numbers to choose in a game panel. The player can pick from 7-20 numbers and increase their odds to win multiple prizes. It’s like playing a quick or marked entry but multiple times.

Pick Entry: The player gets to play with the safety of having 1 or 2 winning numbers and in turn, choose fewer numbers. Pick entry is an opportunity to win multiple prize divisions as 1 or 2 winning numbers are guaranteed.

Advance Entry: The player gets an update from the future in this kind of entry. In simpler words, the players get to play their game early on, even ten weeks before. This gives the Saturday Lotto aficionados ease of pass, in case they have other prior engagements on hand. The process is pretty much the same as buying the coupon or using the lotto app or going online.

Multi-Week Entry: In this entry, the players can save themselves from the hassle of meticulously going through each number every week and instead play with the same numbers for 2 to 10 weeks. For the over-thinker and the procrastinator, this is the best upgrade.

Subscription Entry: The ultimate comfort for any seasoned player would be to play whenever and however they prefer. In this type of entry, there is the freedom to pause and cancel any time they like. There are multiple options and notifications are sent from time to time, informing the player of their status.

With Saturday Lotto, responsible gambling is always encouraged. The key is to enjoy it and not stress over how luck will play out. On a Saturday if there is not a lot to do, there is always lotto.


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