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We all familiar with YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing platform. It is a social media platform where you can share your videos publicly or privately. It is a platform where people are engaging in watching videos. YouTube is the world’s most popular and largest video platform. That is why all those ad companies look at YouTube rather than other social media platforms. Sometimes, when you are watching videos on YouTube, you might notice that your video is going to stop and automatically come YouTube ads. YouTube ads are sometimes annoying. It will destroy your concentration. You can not use your YouTube account ad-free. YouTube has a feature that you will operate without seeing ads. If you can able to use YouTube ad-free, then you have to pay dollars for it. It is not for free to anyone. But here it comes with thousands of features YouTube mod version, which is called pure tuber. The rebrand from Vanced Tuber to Premium Tuber. Premium tuber offers the most desirable things that are ad-free YouTube version, which can block YouTube ads. Premium tuber offers ad free YouTube version that is free. The benefits we get in premium tubes are given below:

Premium tuber offers ad-free video streaming:

As YouTube is the largest video streaming social media site ever globally, all ad companies have looked at YouTube. There is the various length of ads pinned. It can skip some ads, and other ads can not skip. YouTube has that feature for using ad-free browse. But it is premium, and you can use that feature by spending dollars. Simultaneously, the premium tuber can block YouTube ads for totally free, which is an attractive feature for no doubt.

Background Playback for Music:

YouTube has no feature for background music playback. e Background music playback is so mind-blowing and the most wanted feature for every music lover. We all know that YouTube has an enormous number of music playlists. By using this feature, you can quickly listening video songs in audio format. When doing work, you can hear that Mp3 music in the middle of work. It is a more convenient and useful feature.

Premium tuber support download videos:

YouTube has that option to save videos on your playlists. But you can not download them. Your save videos will stay only for 30 days. After 30 days, your saved video will automatically vanish by YouTube. But Premium tuber has a feature to download your indicate videos, and premium tubes make the visibility of your videos offline. You can create your playlists.

Convert videos to Mp4 and Mp3:

You can concert your selective videos in any format. You can convert your videos to Mp4 or videos to Mp3 version. You can select your preferable resolution size videos. You can download your preferable videos up to 4k, and you can download them in Mp3 format. It is also the most desired feature in premium tubes. It can be able to download different resolution video format. The size and length of any videos are more significant than Mp3 format files. Converting your desire videos to Mp3 format can free up your device storage.

YouTube login feature:

You can log in with your YouTube account in a premium tube. Just one click is required to login with your YouTube account. To sync all your YouTube data, you have to click on it. If you can sign in to your YouTube account, you will get your playlists. You will see your watch history and subscriptions also. But If you are not interested in login into your YouTube account, you can easily skip it. You can browse it privately if you want.

The premium tuber is a mod version of YouTube. They offer a YouTube premium version with no costs.

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