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Twitter is a social media platform where we can keep us in real-time of every thing that is happening across the globe. However, it doesn’t stop there. It’s also an enormous source of entertainment thanks to the sheer amount of content can be found there. In this context we’ll talk about another option that allows users to save the videos that are published on Twitter.

The name of the extension is Savetweetvid and it’s an extension to Chrome that gives users the possibility of saving Twitter videos.

The button that saves Twitter videos

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As we’ve said before that on Twitter there is lots of content of all sorts. Sometimes , we will find videos, memes, or audios which are extremely interesting or funny, and we’d like to keep the videos. Before we talk about other ways to obtain access of these videos, like Twitter bots. They are helpful for both the internet and on the mobile phone, but it is possible to have a more enjoyable experience on the computer.

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That’s exactly the service Savetweetvid provides by registering with Chrome by way of an extension. The concept is easy for saving Twitter videos. You can include a download link beneath each tweet that contains video. This way even when we’re not on the computer, it’s sufficient to click the button to download the video.

In this manner we can make Savetweetvid an amazing tool to protect Twitter video content from internet. The extension is available at no cost by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. Once the extension is integrated into your browser, it is now possible to store Twitter videos. So, head to the Twitter platform. When you come across a tweet that has video, you’ll also be able to download the video.

If you click on the link, a new tab will open and you will be able to see the various choices of quality for which the content is available. Select the one you prefer and the download of Twitter videos will begin. The same procedure is followed for all audiovisual content you wish to download via Twitter.

To verify that, follow this link.

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