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As the days progress and thanks to various leaks that surface the more details are becoming revealed about the new phones will provide. iPhone is expected to be available in September. One illustration of what we are telling you is that some photos have been released that show which of the impressive models from the new iPhone range will appear like.

The particular device that is being discussed here is called it’s the iPhone 14 Pro Max, that will come that has the biggest screen of all the devices that are released after the summer has ended. The information has been gathered by studying the design of the device , and to provide an example it’s now obvious it will show obvious modifications on the screen since the notch on the previous model will become an era of its own.

The hole is now open for the front camera.

Likely as expected, the camera for selfies will be embedded into a hole which has dimensions of only 5.59 millimeters. This means that although everything suggests that the the sensor in this device is of good quality but it will not be huge that will allow the camera to function. In addition to this circular shape, another is added in a the form of a pill with all of the sensors needed will be integrated so that it is capable of using functions like those of FaceID. The dimension of this one is 7.15 millimeters, which means it will be noticed more frequently than the other new feature.Gizchina

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Another aspect of the information that has been uncovered from the filtering information source was that bezels on the screen will be significantly smaller than the ones on earlier iPhones. It is) The answer is yes, instead of 2.42 to 1.95 millimeters. This is an impressive amount considering it’s extremely difficult to do this without decreasing the screen’s resistance or losing pressure on the touch. So, Apple would make a crucial qualitative leap, which would make its devices among the top available.

More information comes from iPhone 14 Pro Max

The first thing to note is that everything suggests that the display will have sizes that are 6.7 inches similar to the previous generation as well, and because this is a model belonging to the Pro series that it will come with an A16 Bionic processor. In addition, it appears that the primary camera will feature a resolution that is 48 megapixelswhich is a substantial increase in comparison to the 12 which it currently has. iPhone 13 Pro Max has which is available today.Gizchina

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In addition, the last one will cause the the thickness of the terminal increase by 12.16 millimeters within the area where cameras are situated (and all indications suggest that this new iPhone will come with an “hump”). We’ll find out whether this will impact its design. handset which will measure the height of 160.7 millimeters and a width of 78.53.

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