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Eggs are considered one of the most common foods in the world. They can be boiled, fried, added to cocktails, and even drunk raw. The use of this product has a huge number of options. And it doesn’t matter how you use them for food, the main thing is that they are fresh and of high quality. How can you determine the freshness of eggs? There are some secrets with which you can choose the highest quality product.

Good chicken egg

The best way is to buy organic eggs. For calorie watchers, the bigger the egg, the more calories it contains. A selected-grade egg contains approximately 85 calories. Sometimes on the package with eggs, there are additional indications that this product is enriched with iodine and selenium. This suggests that the manufacturer added a special enriched mixture to the feed, which made it possible to increase the content of these elements in the egg. Accordingly, the cost of such eggs will be higher. A good quality chicken egg should be:

  • without cracks;
  • clean (without feathers and droppings);
  • with undeformed shell;
  • match in size and weight.

There are eggs with rather “bright” labels on the shelves of shops: “with iodine”, “with vitamin A and carotenoids”, “fitness” (it means eggs with selenium), “vitamin” (it means eggs with a high content of fatty acids). Manufacturers call this enrichment “the creation of products with desired properties.” Such eggs are obtained by adding the appropriate ingredients to the feed of the layers.

How to determine the freshness of an egg

The first thing you should pay attention to is the shell. It should be matte, not glossy. The second thing that is also important to consider when choosing a good product is to listen to it (as strange as it sounds). Take an egg, put it to your ear, and shake it. If it is fresh, then no sounds (gurgling) will be heard. The third equally important point is the weight of the egg, which is important to determine by putting it in your hand. If the egg is too light, then it may mean that it has already dried out and may be rotten. It’s simple if a lot of moisture has evaporated through a porous shell, then the egg is old. And, of course, a lot depends on the inside of the egg. Break the egg into a separate container. The protein of a good product will be clean and light, without inclusions, or redness. If the yolk is not damaged, then it will not spread.

You can finally verify the freshness of the product when you remove the shell from boiled eggs. If they are poorly cleaned, then this indicates that the eggs are fresh.

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