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Tampa Bay, Florida is a wonderful city that’s home to many of the world’s leading experts in nutrition therapy. Whether you’re looking for a certified nutritionist or holistic health provider in Tampa Bay, here are some great places to start your search!

1. Nutrition Therapy and Wellness, LLC

Nutrition Therapy and Wellness, LLC offers a wide range of services including but not limited to: nutrition counselling, medical nutrition therapy (MNT), weight loss strategies and smoking cessation programs.

The staff at Nutrition Therapy and Wellness are experts in their field and will help you develop a plan that fits your needs perfectly!

2. Pinnacle Health and Nutrition

Pinnacle Health and Nutrition is a nutrition therapy centre that offers a variety of services to help you achieve your health goals. One of the most popular services they offer is weight loss, which can be accomplished through their medically supervised programs.

These programs are designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively by keeping track of your progress through regular weigh-ins, medical supervision, exercise regimens, nutritional counselling and proper supplementation. They also offer other services such as detoxification diets and healthy meal planning classes so you can maximise your results after they’ve taken care of the hard work for you!

If you’re interested in losing some weight or improving your overall health, give Pinnacle Health & Nutrition a call today!

3. Naturally Nutrition, LLC

What to expect when you visit Naturally Nutrition, LLC? The owner is a registered dietitian nutritionist who has over 15 years of experience working with clients one on one as well as in groups. She also works with families and business groups as well as those who want to lose weight or just improve their overall health.

You will be provided with a customised meal plan designed specifically for your needs based on your goals and lifestyle along with the option of adding weekly training sessions if desired.

4. Health Edge Clinic

Health Edge Clinic is a nutrition therapy centre with locations in Tampa, Clearwater, Largo and New Port Richey. The clinic specialises in weight loss and nutritional counselling.

They have a team of experts that includes registered dietitians, certified diabetes educators and exercise specialists. They offer a wide range of services including weight management programs, diabetes education classes and individualised meal plans.

Health Edge Clinic has both physical locations as well as an online presence on their website where you can find more info about their services or even schedule an appointment at one of the many locations they operate from throughout the Tampa Bay area!

5. Integrative Wellness

Integrative Wellness is a holistic nutrition and wellness centre dedicated to helping their clients achieve optimal health. They offer a variety of services including nutrition counselling, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

Their expert team will help you find the right treatment for your needs by working with you on an individualised plan that addresses all aspects of your life—physical, emotional and spiritual.

If you are looking for a Nutrition therapy practitioner near me, then Integrative Wellness is the absolute way to go!

6. Foundation of Wellness

The Foundation of Wellness is a nutrition and wellness center Tampa, Florida. The centre offers nutrition counselling, weight loss programs and supplements. In addition to this, the Foundation also offers detoxification programs, IV therapy, massage therapy and more.

The Center was founded by Dr. Joshua Kalish who has been practising medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Kalish graduated from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine where he received his medical degree.

He completed his residency at UCSD Medical Center as well as fellowship training at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles before opening his own practice in the Tampa Bay area.

7. NutriGeeks

NutriGeeks is a nutrition and wellness centre in Tampa, Florida. The centre has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2011 and is run by a family of health professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience in the field.

NutriGeeks offers services such as nutrition counselling, health coaching, and wellness classes. Their team also provides information on local resources and events related to healthy living like farmers markets or community bike rides.

8. The Living Seed

The Living Seed is a nutrition and wellness centre in Tampa. It offers a wide range of services, including detoxification and cleansing programs, nutritional counselling, life coaching and more.

The centre uses organic ingredients to create smoothies that are made fresh every day. Prices start at $12 per drink or smoothie bowl. For example, one popular item on the menu is called “The Love” which consists of coconut water blended with banana chips, pineapple chunks and ice cubes for $9!

9. The Holistic Nutrition Hub

The Holistic Nutrition Hub is a nutrition therapy centre that provides individualised nutrition and wellness plans. They offer services such as:

  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Health coaching
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Food sensitivity testing

The Holistic Nutrition Hub uses an integrative approach to health and wellness, combining the best of traditional medicine with the emerging fields of functional medicine and naturopathic medicine.

The clinic emphasises patient education in order to empower each person they serve towards optimal health.

10. Purify Tampa Bay Nutrition

Purify Tampa Bay Nutrition, located in the heart of downtown Tampa, is a holistic nutrition centre that offers services such as nutrition counselling and detoxification. They also offer weight loss, weight management and lifestyle programs for children and adults.

In addition, they have an integrated team of experts who can help you achieve your goals with ease. The staff at Purify Tampa Bay Nutrition is dedicated to helping you live a healthy life by providing you with knowledge on how to make informed decisions about food and exercise while guiding you through any challenges that may arise along the way.

Their team strives to not only educate their clients but empower them as well by encouraging them to move forward despite any challenges that may come up along the way!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these great nutrition therapy and wellness centres in Tampa. As you can see, there are many different types of options to choose from.

Whether you want to focus on weight loss, improved digestion or just better overall health, there are plenty of options out there. We recommend doing some research before making any decisions about which centre might be right for you!

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