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Building a website using WordPress might seem simple however properly optimizing it in sync with SEO requirements isn’t. Achieving excellence by effectually incorporating SEO techniques on your WordPress website calls for completely comprehending with what the evolved concept of SEO holds for your benefit. Here are few tips for your SEO tactics to fall in just right for your website to rank higher in SERPs:

  • Good host – The load time of your site is a key determinant for Google ranking which in turn is determined by the web host you choose. As a beginner, don’t be misled by flashy deals rather do your research well and opt for a host that has shown good past performance.
  • SEO Plug-in – Installing the right SEO plug-in is half task done since it takes care of most of the SEO aspects well. You can choose from among the numerous SEO plug-ins available from out of the free and paid ones.

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  • CDN – Using CDN helps cache your static content on several servers on its extensive network that lets users access the content via the closest servers on the network. This further result in faster page loading performance and lower response time.
  • Spam comments – By blocking spam comments, you can ensure that your webpage is not flagged by the search engines as spam and later penalized as well.
  • Internal linking – It is a significant way to link your new posts with the old ones thereby ensuring traffic for both in one go. This would further help feed the search engines with more relevant content on your website and make navigation easier for the users.
  • Optimized images – Uploading optimized images by resizing and compressing them in advance improves page load performance. Further proper image tags can also be added for better ranking in image searches online.
  • Informative title – A title that is informative and contains all relevant keywords is an added advantage as far as better ranking in SERPs is concerned. Identify low competition keywords and place them efficiently to rank high but make sure that the keywords in the title are all relevant.
  • Sharing buttons – Integrating social media sharing buttons on your website and web posts helps the search engine to determine the reactions of real users. Any web page or web post with good social media reactions are bound to be placed higher in SERPs.
  • Traditional On Page SEO – Using traditional On Page SEO techniques like setting custom meta descriptions and titles improves the chances of better ranks. However now-a-days, the descriptions are automatically generated depending on the search keywords in Google but doing it manually does no harm.
  • Responsive design – Responsive themes are always preferred over non-responsive ones, by both search engines as well as users. They ensure a better and rich user experience responding to the SEO techniques in a more effective way.

To concludes, slowly and gradually as you dive deep into WordPress and SEO to improve your website ranking in SERPs, the list of tips coming across from numerous channels would also increase.


My name is Sandeep Mehta – A Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant In Delhi, Being an SEO expert in Delhi, I would love to share the tips and methods which can help you in boosting your website to page 1 of google.

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