Sat. May 25th, 2024
Set of free dip tobacco buy now

Making decisions and staying firm on them is itself a superpower. People with serious tobacco addiction are prescribed by their physicians to change their practices, mainly in terms of their eating or what they are consuming to avoid health risks. 

Quitting such addictions is not easy, but one must try to save their heart, lungs, oral health to live a good life for the people around them.

Tobacco consumers, though initially find it hard to avoid, but their health compels them to get rid of addiction. For which, the ideal scenario is coming to an alternate since the quitting too quickly increases the craving, whereas switching to a substitute makes it a lot more easier for them to secure their health. 

For such people, the set of tobacco-free dips is a treat. The collection contains exciting flavors to give the same pleasure. Also, the healthy ingredients give them fresh breath better physical and mental condition. 

People who are tired of usage of same flavour over and over again and again should try a three packaged deal by blackbuffalo, which provides the person some cost cutting while enjoying new flavors. As all of the three flavors are already popular among dip community it is a golden chance to grab the tri-deal that will make you fly higher than an eagle. The flavors involved in the three packed deal are. Set of free dip tobacco buy now If you want get three flavors


Yes, your grand dad’s chew just got a makeover. This tobacco related product is just like real tobacco but enhanced by artificial flavors. The tobacco mint dip long cut is the only thing that will give you a real nice buzz with a small lip burn.


The only realest flavor that makes your jaws drop. Yes, the king of all dips, the wintergreen flavor is also included in the pack. A crispy and smooth finish that you’ll love to put inside your lips. There is a perfect contrast of rusty color and premium odor. It is a loose cut product that has small strands of tobacco that might have a magic on you that you have never ever experienced.These dips come in different packaging and tins. Skoal peach comes with 1.02 Oz tins.Copenhagen comes in 0.82 Oz pouches.While the BlackBuffalo offers a net weight of 1.2 Oz with free shipping for U.S orders. It is the most favorite flavor of every dipper.

Straight Long cut

A pack enclosing a taste of tobacco, some spices and sweetness. Now, who wouldn’t want to just stop and donot think about it for a while. Straight is entirely different from other flavors and it is really hard to describe it in words the amount of richness that it possesses. Original long cut is actually mid cut and is naturally sweet but some brands have a more spicy flavor.

The pack of 3 has been hitting new heights since it was originally launched by blackbuffalo, many other brands are trying to reach the same feat while making dip tobacco usage more popular in regions where the brands were not so much popular.

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