Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Nowadays, a virtual presence means a lot to businesses. Businesses are making every effort to create brand awareness by improving their position in the search engine results page (SERP). However, this only becomes possible when the search engine consistently ranks your website higher. For this, every brand adopts a different approach. Some of them focus on mobile optimization, while others develop backlinks. 

Google counts backlinks as one of its top three ranking factors due to which many companies are focusing on link building. It is a common practice where you try to get other sites to link back to your website. Usually, more inbounds links mean higher rankings because Google assumes you have a quality webpage, worthy of citations. Thus, link building has become one of the essential digital marketing strategies worldwide.

So, if you are also chasing after SEO rankings, don’t mind giving link-building a shot. However, if you are still not entirely convinced, have a look below to see seven reasons why link building is vital for your SEO strategy. 

  • Increases Website Traffic 

Everyone wants to see their website with lots of traffic, and by building links, you can make this a reality. Link Building allows you to target the pertinent audience – the people who have an interest in your product or service offerings. Likewise, it also targets industry niches, making sure you have the right people on your webpage. So, it can direct all the relevant traffic towards your webpage. After all, website traffic is one of the most critical factors in assessing the site’s health and performance.

  • Enhances Credibility & Reputation 

Every company’s search engine strategy revolves around higher ranking to build a captivating business reputation. All this becomes attainable by link building since a high number of backlinks for your site encourages publishers to endorse your page. It not only helps in building credibility amongst thousands of users but with the search engine as well. At the same time, it is an incredible way of creating brand awareness. You get to publish content on reputable sites, giving an ideal opportunity to advertise your brand and, at the same time, displaying your content on different channels to score new readers.  

  • Higher Website Metrics 

We are living in a digitalized world, which means you have to make yourself familiar with marketing terms. Domain authority, page ranks, domain ranks, and Alexa ranks are well-known website metrics that are crucial to your site’s performance. Surprisingly, link building helps in improving these metrics by optimizing them as per the search engine’s requirements. All these individual metrics are related closely to the SEO score because they combine to produce the final SEO score. Hence, higher metrics translate into an excellent website, improving visibility, exposure, and rankings. 

  • Complements Online Marketing Activities

Honestly, building links is no easy feat since it demands hard work, social skills, experience, and ability to learn. An online marketing campaign can only succeed with a mixture of unique strategies. Thus, link building can also elevate other social media company Dubai strategies by allowing social media followers to access your blog and thereby enriching your content marketing strategy with quality links. Sometimes, it also creates natural connections with the on-going marketing campaigns to make your content visible to a broader audience. 

  • Improves Search Visibility & Exposure

Most marketers are going after higher rankings to elevate their SEO strategy rather than looking at the bigger picture. Link building can generate credible lead generation for your business, allowing you to take a step towards the goal of profit maximization. If you want to expand your territory, backlinks can help you reach a new audience from a different geographical region. Thus, it allows you to break locational boundaries and advertise your business worldwide. Don’t hesitate to promote into new geographic areas, but only if it is within your capacity and limitations. 

  • Domain & Page Authority 

Do you know how Google responds to your queries? Even though it takes seconds to answer, a lot is happening on Google’s end. There are several web crawlers and bots that crawl to the website, searching for the keywords you typed. If your site has the keyword, it would appear on the SERP, but the more crucial question is how Google analyzes it? That is where link building kicks in, and all the high-quality links direct Google towards your domain. It takes a dig at your page authority while assessing the inbound links to determine your visibility.  So both these factors can make or break your SEO strategy.

  • Propels Connections with Other Websites

Usually, companies maintain friendly relations with other physical firms in their industry. The online world of content is no different; you have to maintain healthy relationships with other websites. Link building can assist you with this by connecting your content to sites that offer similar or related products. So, if a customer is on another website, the link can direct them towards your site, and they might find their desired product or service. At the same time, customers will spread awareness about your brand. These relationships can work in your favor, helping to grow your business further. 


Links for a website are like votes, representing trust, credibility, authenticity, and authority. The more the links, the higher the reputation of a website. Many companies fail to recognize their importance and continue their SEO strategy without incorporating link building. If you are doing the same, have a look above to appreciate the importance of link building for your SEO strategy. 


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