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Few things are as better than a meticulously clean car. But, keeping your four-wheel vehicle clean and bright can often be easier said than done. It’s one thing that rarely achievable at the local car wash center with its hard-bristled brushes and not-so-good result. Even the do-it-yourself cleaning approach without proper knowledge can cause pose more harm than good since the foaming brushes often collect debris that can scratch the surface of your car.

So, to keep your vehicle looking at its best, you must ensure not only to wash it regularly, but with the right cleaning tools. Regular cleaning will prevent your car from minor wear and tear to visible scratches, thus keep your car looking better in the future and maintains its value.

All you need is a bucket of some mild and effective tools and start focusing on the dirtiest parts of your car. This approach will allow you to have your car sparkling clean safely and effectively, without damaging the paint. Here are the seven easy tips for washing your car at home like a pro.

Prep the Cleaning Tool Bucket

To keep your car looking squeaky clean, it’s essential to use the right cleaning tools.

This includes:

  • A hose
  • Calgary car detailing
  • Car wash mitt or a soft sponge
  • Mild car washing liquid
  • A wheel brush
  • Some microfibre cloths
  • Large microfiber cloth for drying

To clean the car interiors, you would need:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Window cleaner, etc.

Use the Right Lubricant Wash

When it comes to cleaning the car exteriors, make sure you don’t use the dishwashing liquid, hand soap, or anything else other than products that are specifically designed for car washing. They provide ample lubrication to wash off the dirt and dust and prevent the hard scrub surface from scratching your car’s polish. They are gentle enough to wipe off the dirt grime while maintaining the existing wax on the car’s outer surface.

Use Two Buckets of Water to Rinse Your Sponge Thoroughly

One of the biggest blunders people do while car washing is rinsing out dirty sponges in the single bucket. You are not removing any dirt, but spreading the same grit and filth all around. So, use one with soapy water and the second one with clean water for rinsing out that dirty sponge thoroughly. It is best to have extra water as it enables you to rinse the soap and dirt thoroughly. It is best to have your garden hose ready and connected to a tap to use adequate water instead of a single bucket.

Wash Your Car under the Shade

While it’s tempting to wash your vehicle on a bright sunny day, this is a common misconception. If you wash your car in hot weather, it will not only ruin the car’s paint job, but also the soap tends to dry quickly and leave spots on the windows and paintwork. Thus, it’s better to wash your vehicle early morning or in the evening to ensure it doesn’t dry fast.

Clean the Exterior

Before you start rubbing the surface, make sure to hose off the vehicle to wash any loose dust or debris to prevent scratching the car’s surface. Clear off any tree sap, bird droppings, and dead insects, first.

Once you rinse the car with the hose, clean it by sections, from the roof to the windows and then the middle of the doors followed by the top of the bonnet, lower and upper panels, the boot, front bumper, and the back bumper. Be sure to use two buckets of water-one to remove the excess dirt and second with clean water to properly clean the cloth.

When you are about to give it a final rinse, use a hose with no nozzle, so the water flows down in a sheeting manner. This technique leaves fewer spots. Since any water spots can leave a spot while drying, so, cleaning it properly is as important as washing. Microfibre towels can help you scratch-free drying your vehicle.

Clean the Wheels and Tires

When you were cleaning the exteriors, probably, most of the abrasive gunk would have cleared. Now you need to clean the remaining dirt on the wheels and tires.

While they only need soapy water and a thorough scrubbing, if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, you can invest in a specifically designed wheel cleaning product. Non-corrosive tire cleaners will be a suitable choice. Also, remember to scrub the outside tires and the wheel nuts. You are almost there to have your vehicle nicely clean, just like you see cars for sale Brisbane.

Give Your Car a Final Touch

It’s time to give your car a final touch by thoroughly cleaning the windows, mirrors, and windscreens to make it aesthetically pleasing. This is also important for the safety point of view as the driver won’t have to squint to look outside if the windscreen and rear-view mirror are covered in streaks and smudges.

Another important thing you should know is that cleaning untinted glass is pretty much than tinted glass.

For a tinted glass, a good-quality glass cleaner and paper towel are enough. Use the spray onto the paper towel, instead of using it on the glass surface as the spray can drip down and damage other surfaces.

On the other hand, untinted glass needs soft microfiber cloth and soapy water to prevent film damage.

Wrapping Up

Now that your vehicle is squeaky clean, you want to keep it that way. For that, it’s notable to see where you park your vehicle. If possible, try avoiding parking under the trees or anyplace where birds tend to gather.

If you want to keep the car interior’s clean, try to avoid eating messy food and beverages, and clean your shoes before getting inside.

Most importantly, wash your car frequently, even once a week, especially if you drive in the area where it gets muddy very quickly. Think this way: the more it collects dust, the more it will be harder to clean next time!

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