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Handbags are the most essential part of a woman’s life. They play a multi-purpose role, from enhancing the style statement to carrying stuff around, they can do so much. But this can only happen if you carry the right handbag on the right occasion.

A few tips to consider before buying a handbag:

When buying a handbag, do take a sneak in front of the mirror to see how it looks while carrying it as you do with clothes.

  •     Don’t get carried away with new trendy designs or get attracted to any colours, look for those designs or colour that suits your choice of clothes, personality and occasion you will carrying that bag to.
  • You can match the colour of your shoes, jewellery, and purse to look coordinated focus on balancing the colour scheme. This combination can never fail and will work on any occasion.
  • If you are looking to wear a plain coloured outfit you should pair it with a colourful handbag it will help in adding colour and advance your overall appearance. Just make sure that the size and length of the bag are appropriate, this will help in drawing attention at the right place instead of making you conscious.
  • Match your handbag with one of the colours of your outfit. Like if your dress is a combination of red and black, you can match up with red handbag

So how you know you are buying the precise handbag? Let’s explore which bag to pick according to your body type.  

If you have a short body

If your body is small and petite, then choosing an extra-large handbag can overshadow your look, it can make you look smaller than you are. If the handbags have long straps it can make your height look more shortened. You need to carry a bag that can enhance your look and appearance instead of making you look short and petite.

Buy a medium to the small-sized bag with mid-waist length or vertically long, this kind of bag will help in making your body look more elongated.

If you are a woman with a tall and thin body type

If you are tall, prefer not to buy a boxy bag or large-sized bag or the bag is too small and wide, these kinds of bags can make you look taller than you are. Have a preference for buying slouchy bags. Otherwise, if you buy too petite or hefty bags, it won’t do justice to your look that much.

If you are on the plus-size body structure

If you have the plus-sized body type, the size of bag matters; if you go for buying a small-sized bag it can make you look well-built. If you buy a large-sized and slouchy handbag, it can make you look bulkier. Go for the medium-sized bag it will balance your body size and will make your look more solid.

Identify if you have a pear-shaped body

If your body is heavier from the lower part then you fall into the category of pear-shaped body, don’t go for a slouchy bag that falls to the length of your hips, this will only attract attention to your hip; instead, buy a structured bag whose length does not fall your hip. This will not attract any kind of attention on the lower part of your body.

If you are apple-shaped

If you are broad from bust and waist, then you have an apple-shaped body. Carrying a small handbag with undersized straps can work against completing your appearance. You should prefer buying a broadly structured bag that has a length that comes up to hips or inferior part of your body this will help in drawing a diversion from your shape thus help in enhancing your look.

For having an Hourglass formed body

If you are a woman with a fine definite waist, hips, and shoulders, this means you have an hourglass-shaped body. Go for buying hobo bags, totes or satchel handbags, but medium in size, you can easily explore these options online. Choose a bag that has a length that falls to the lower part of your body.

For Rectangular formed body

A woman with the same dimensions of waist, hips, and shoulder comes underneath rectangular body shape. A shoulder bag should be of the appropriate size to make sure that it reflects your natural curves. If you want to compliment your body more, select a bag that comes till your waistline.

I hope this information helps you buy a better bag that matches your body kind to enhance your outfit and add charm to your whole appearance. A bag can either help in making or breaking your fashion outlook.

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