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Heart AttackSex After A Heart Attack Is Possible. See What All You Need To Know?

Like cells, blood is a fundamental part of the human body. Any inflammation in the circulatory system, especially the heart, will affect your life severely. It will change your daily habits in an instant, including romantic relationships. After experiencing the first heart attack, the person usually fears doing things that increase the heartbeat, such as drugs, alcohol consumption, or sex.

This is quite obvious that the person will fear raising their heartbeat from the normal range. During sexual intercourse, blood pressure around the body increases, creating pressure on the heart. But does that mean after having a heart attack, the person may have to say goodbye to intimacy? You might get happy to know, that’s not the case. It is possible to have sexual intercourse after having a heart attack, which is strongly encouraged by cardiologists.

According to Jeremy Pollock, MD, a cardiologist at the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson always suggests having sex after some time of a severe cardiac event. In addition, some research in Israel found that having sex in the months after a heart attack can boost your sexual health. 

Do you know why changes are made after a heart attack? It is to make your heart habitual of experiencing an uncertain heartbeat. Doing regular exercise will increase your heart rate for some time, and being regular with the fluctuation of the heartbeat will lower the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, it is recommended to resume your sexual romance after some time of a heart attack.

Men with heart patients sometimes experience some forms of ED symptoms. So such men should consult the doctor and never try to self-medicate through ED pills(Cenforce 200). All types of ED pills like Cenforce 200 may interfere with heart function, worsening the condition.

What Does Stats Say About Sexual Health And Heart Attack?

Sex might increase blood circulation and increase pressure on the heart, but it has multiple benefits on your body. Think exercise also puts a strain on your heart by increasing the flow of blood throughout your body. Still, every doctor recommends performing physical activity too regularly, especially after the first heart attack. Exercise also puts a strain on your heart and might increase the risk of it happening again, but still, it is performed to make your heart strong enough to bear high pressure.

However, the doctor will suggest performing exercise regularly but gradually. The same goes for sex as well. Sexual health helps in boosting your emotional health, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress. According to Suzanne Steinbaum, DO cardiologist says being intimate with your partner can help you re-establish normalcy even after a heart attack.

After experiencing a heart attack, if you will not make your heart habitual in gradually handling pressure, you are making your heart weak. Gerber’s team started studying this topic and collected some data that states that in the year 1992-1993, 500 sexually active people of age 65 years and below were hospitalized because of a heart attack.

After monitoring them for 22 years, 43% of the patient died, but those who increased the frequency of sex after the first six months of having a heart attack had a 35% lower death rate than those who did not have sex. This doesn’t mean people with a heart attack should immediately go for sex, it’s just you should gradually resume your sexual romance after the attack.

Remember If You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cardiovascular Disease.

Here are some points that you should remember if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases, such as:-

  • Keep in touch with the doctor and consult with him before resuming sexual activity.
  • People with heart failure or a heart attack can lower the risk of sexual activity complications by performing cardiac rehabilitation and regular physical activity.
  • If the patient is a woman and planning to have a baby, it is advised to consult with the doctor before making such decisions.
  • Some times cardiovascular disease causes an insufficient flow of blood and can lead to sexual dysfunction. Before it leads to other complications, like anxiety, depression, and others, consult with the doctor for the best advice. But never self-medicate with ED pills(Cenforce 200).
  • Don’t skip or alter the dose of the medicine without consulting the doctor. It may affect your heart health and functioning because it relates to your body’s function, including sexual health.
  • Usually, drugs for erectile dysfunction do not show side effects, but they may interact with nitrate medicines used to treat chest pain in coronary artery disease. Thus before taking any pills for sexual dysfunction, consult with the doctor as it can affect your heart.
  • In postmenopausal women with cardiovascular disease, it is safe to take estrogen topically or vaginally for treating painful intercourse.
  • Ask your doctor and plan to have sexual intercourse before taking your blood pressure medicines to avoid unwanted side effects, such as impotence.
  • Do not immediately resume intimacy and sex after the heart attack. Consult with the doctor, rest for a few days, gradually be regular with your physical activity, monitor your heart health, and then resume your sexual romance.

Being a man with heart disease can be risky as men often feel awkward and try treating the symptoms immediately through medications like Cenforce 200. You need to know that Cenforce 200 belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor group that affects blood flow and heart function. Therefore, being a heart patient and consuming Cenforce 200 may worsen the condition. 

This doesn’t mean men with heart disease cannot be treated with ED symptoms. Consult your doctor he will guide you with the best ED pill as per your condition, either Cenforce 200 or something else.

Sudden heart disease can change your relationship, but it is impossible to resume your normal sexual life. You may have a problem just after the attack but you can overwhelm your pain with a strong heart with the help of your doctor.

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