Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Introduction to the Benefits of Sex Dolls and Robotics for Sexual Health

Unlike in the past, it’s not only women that buy sex devices today. Men are the bulk of new customers in the sex doll and toy industries, which is growing quickly in popularity. Many men have started shifting their focus from real-life partners to AI sex dolls due to social anxiety and the possibility to explore sexual fantasies.

No matter why you want a sex doll for men, acquire a good one. The best AI sex dolls for men are designed with high-quality materials. They are also built with great communication in mind as well. In the rest of this post, you’ll find a few factors that influence the choice of the right sex dolls for men in 2023.


One important factor you certainly need to consider when choosing a reliable AI sex doll for men is ‘brand’. Is the sex doll manufacturer reliable enough to build its products with quality materials and top-notch features?

Today, two of the most reliable brands worth considering when buying sex dolls are Irontech and Zelex. Irontech sex dolls and Zelex sex dolls are known to feature superior, safe, and durable materials. These dolls are also available in different great artistic styles.


Weight is another important factor worth considering when choosing a sex doll that suits your sexual preferences. Certainly, you want something close to a real-life sexual experience. To get this type of experience, at least you need a heavy sex doll that’ll be stable during sex. You also don’t want something too heavy to handle during sex.

The bottom line is to strike a balance between your sexual inclinations, the weight of the doll, and realism when picking a reliable sex weight. If you’re a beginner, we recommend a doll between 30kg (67 lbs) and 35kg. 

3.Storage space

As you already know, the best AI sex dolls for men can be quite large. As such, you certainly need to factor in your storage space before going ahead to buy your preferred sex robot at Moon Doll. You need sufficient space in your room to store your doll discreetly and safely, especially when it’s not in use.

4.Sex doll style

Today, the best AI sex dolls for men are designed in various styles and shapes. Some products are realistic, while others are fantasy or anime-inspired. To get the most out of your doll, define your sexual preferences. After that, pick the right doll style and shape that aligns perfectly with your sexual fantasies and preferences.

5.What exactly can it deliver?

Many people purchase sex dolls today because they are looking for a partnership to enjoy fetishes, kinks, blowjobs, deepthroats, and more. If you need any of these features in your ideal sex doll, consider them.

Sex robots today don’t provide realistic blowjobs and deepthroats. At Moon Doll, you’ll find the best sex robots that can give you realistic blowjobs and deepthroats up to 17 cm (6.7 inches).


You should expect products with high-quality materials and powerful AI features to sell at greater prices.

However, we recommend setting a budget and selecting a sex doll that balances what you want to pay and the features you expect.

Even if you don’t have enough budget, you can still rely on Moon Doll to find the best male sex dolls that sell for under $700. You can visit the official website today to shop for your preferred Zelex dolls, Irontech sex doll, and other products.

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