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Green eyes and red eyes make a perfect combination that is envy for many women. There are a varied of sexy redhead hairstyles well styled to reveal your eyes beautifully. However, some women who are not natural redheads may want to use hair dyes for these hairstyles. You may look for more here.

The reasons why we compiled these sexy redhead haircuts for women with green eyes is to get a hairstyle that draws attention and highlights that beautiful gaze of your eyes. Green eyes are not common, and obviously, you would not want to hide them in those long tresses falling on your face.

  1. Shagadelic, Baby.

We like every single aspect about this sexy redhead hairstyle. From the color to the highlights of the style of cutting the hair, it is a ridiculously fantastic look. The rugged layers and irregular bangs are also a striking aspect of this look. The blunt lines are overemphasized, anyway. The modern Shagadelic cutting is different than they do in the 70s. At past they end cut was blunt but in modern shag cutting, it is wispy around the face.

  1. Lush Waves.

A significant number of red haircuts for women with green eyes have a kind of little mermaid appeal, and this is a classic example we have to show you. Style it up and choose darker and rich colors of red such as cherry and Auburn. That will not only give you a style but also gives a modern look.

  1. Shoulder Length Edge.

Don’t hide those beautiful and unique eyes under a thick fall of hair. Trim those locks to shoulder length, as it is in the layered bob haircuts and doesn’t include a fringe. Leave the front part exposed and let your eyes do all the talking. Along with this, you will also get another benefit of shoulder length cutting is, it reduces hair fall. Along with style, you can maintain healthy hair.

  1. Cherry Bomb.

This is an unfailingly eye-appealing and edgy haircut that every lady seems to get a portion of its look. You too should consider it. Long, medium or short, the cherry color makes any haircut striking and phenomenal. There are tons of ideas you can choose from red to purple. Choose according to your face and you will look fantastic.

  1. Fiery Undercut.

This is sexy redhead hairstyle that you cannot resist trying once you see it. Nothing reveals your eyes so beautifully than an undercut. Nevertheless, this is not by any means a haircut for the faint-hearted. You need some confidence and daring character to rock this cute cut that is traditionally thought as masculine. This style is purely for fierce and fashionable ladies. Fiery undercut style with a red dress will make impossible to miss your appearance.

  1. Fierce Faux Hawk.

Sexy redhead hairstyles for women with green eyes are hot. This may not seem as bold statement to make, but when you look at this haircut, you will back up my statement. The style that you can use on parties, weekends or weddings where ever you want. It is hard to hide your eyes when you have short hair, but the same cut makes you appear like you are ready for catwalk competitions.

  1. Bang Bang.

The bangs promote the likeness of any haircut. If you have natural red hair, you may not need to include so much to make these two aspects pair well. However, opting for a short crop like bob variation and adding cut side bangs is a great way to amp this haircut. That is sweet if not golden.

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