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Wearing a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist is the most indispensable and unavoidable part of this Raksha Bandhan festival. If there is no Rakhi, it means your festivity time will remain incomplete. Here we are going to discuss different Rakhi designs and their hidden meanings. As times are changing, the taste to choose Rakhi styles is getting changed as well. Check out the details now:

Rudraksha Rakhi

This Rakhi design is basically and originated from the Lord Shiva teardrop, yes it is true! No doubt, this is an auspicious Rakhi design that you can get for your brother. In addition, this design is encapsulated with lots of luck and health. Furthermore, this design acts as a divine source of health, and also financial gains. So, when it comes to celebrating Rakhi to India, choose this design.

Silver Rakhi

This is a precious Rakhi design that you can consider giving this time to your brother. We know that silver is a precious metal and how amazing it will be if you get a silver Rakhi for your brother on Raksha Bandhan. Most importantly, this Rakhi design symbolizes the element of wealth. In other words, this design is associated and linked with the aspects of modernity, decency as well as elegance.

Sai Baba Rakhi

How about getting a Sai Baba Rakhi for your brother! We all know that Sai Baba is famously known as the Satguru. Besides, Sai Baba is marked and identified as the incarnation of Lord Shiva. If you tie this Rakhi on your brother’s wrist, then we are sure that he will get lord Shiva’s blessings. And it is believed that all the wishes of your brother are going to be fulfilled instantly.

Om Rakhi

Next, we have this Om Rakhi design! This is the spiritual Rakhi style that is loved and praised by both brothers and sisters. We all are aware of the fact that Om is an important spiritual symbol. And when this symbol gets embossed on Rakhi, then its charm gets double as well. Furthermore, this is an auspicious and one of the luckiest Rakhi designs that you should choose this time for this exclusive Raksha Bandhan season. It is believed that Om Rakhi’s design blesses all brothers with purity and power.

Zardosi Rakhi

Many sisters have changed their Rakhi tastes and they like buying Zardosi styled Rakhis for their brothers. You might have known about the fact that Zardosi artwork is an ancient embroidery-based artwork. In this artwork, gold and silver wires are used. This is a highly embellished Rakhi design so far!

Ganesha Rakhi

Lastly, we have Ganesha Rakhi’s design that has grabbed attention on the highest notes. Ganesha is celebrated to remove all kinds of obstacles. In addition, it marks a new beginning in anyone’s life. If you want your brother to be blessed by Lord Ganesha, then tie this Rakhi style on his wrist.

So, Rakhi in India is on its way! What other plans you have in your mind apart from finalizing the Rakhi design, do share your views with us.


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