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Android applications are the key source of performing any task. Today we are dependent on the digital media to execute any piece of work like from morning to night alarms, phone calls, emails, social media apps for communication, to-do list, important messages, and many more.

 As technology development provides ease inappropriately performing all the jobs. Now you become a multitasking person who is capable of completing all the tasks efficiently without any complexity.

Tutu app is mainly a third party app which helps you to download all the paid subscription apps or high-quality apps without any charges. But Tutu is not only an app which provides various feature but also there are a lot of alternatives which provides more feature than tutu app.

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Here is the list of alternative of Tutu apps:

  • App valley- It is a platform-independent app store that means you can use it in both android and IOS devices. App valley has an amazing feature of exploring and searching for new applications with the various variety of niches and support feature. it is considered to provide more value than other third-party applications. The official website of the app valley is app valley.vip which provides you with a decent amount of content related to your need.
  • Panda app – It is preferable in both IOS and Android operating systems. It consists of various filtering options like games, featured apps, and a blog post where you can select the best possible apps. It is easily available for a free website for installation. you can also explore offline applications that can be accessed from anywhere either having an internet connection or not. The website of the Panda app also provides bar code so that there is not any illegal download of the apps.
  • Hip store – It is one of the leading application which works on both android as well as IOS platform to target more audience. The interface of the application is very interactive, even a newbie can also use its features. There is no need for any rooted smart devices for this app store as well as it provides the maximum speed for downloading its consisting applications. It is also available for PCs and Mac. the primary web site of Hip store is ihipstore.com
  • vShare – This is one of the best application for IOS devices because apple charge a lot of money for its product and services usage like IOS cloud, gaming apps, multimedia apps and does not allow more apps in its apple store but vShare App has completely changed the scenario for apple users and provide many applications as they want. It also supports Apple TV and apple laptops and pcs. It has a filter of just arrived apps where you can see the latest updated apps for your device. It also provides tutorials and guides in case you feel any difficulty while downloading any application.
  • Jio apps storeIt is available in the jio own devices which consist of all the collection of Jio applications like jio chat, Jio cinema, Jio tv, Jio music, Jio Drive, Jio express, and many more apps. it is an open platform for devices like android, IOS, Tablets, I pads, PCs, and many more. Jio Company is breaking all the records with its unbreaking facilities by any other company. 
  • Black Mart –   It is the only app store that updates daily. It consists of a straight forward user interface by which you easily discover new features. It consists of an ads-free which does not allow the user to distract on various web portals and applications. the application size is less than 6 Mb which is available in android and iOS devices. Some of the famous applications of the black mart are ninja games, angry birds and it consists of more than 20,000 applications.
  • 9Apps – It is an international third-party application that consists of a separate application for Indian user users and other users. It is only available for android users and consists of an application size of 3.4 Mb. It consists of a form for queries and feedback.

 The best advantages of using third-party apps are:

  1. Free download – It is easily downloadable in your device. The application does not charge money from you. There is no time limit to use it.
  2. Unlimited Downloads- It helps the user to download an unlimited paid application without any cost and hence it enhances the user experience.

Third-party applications are very beneficial in any case and provide security also.

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