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Are you a new artist or you’ve been around for some time? Do you want to build awareness or just turn a profit? Are you planning a tour, promoting a new song, or building followership on social media? There are a few proven ways to promote your music and this article will explain them in detail.

Start from Spotify

There are a lot of services that boost Spotify numbers, but many do not help in the long run. For instance, Virtuoso helps boost numbers quickly, but at the end of the campaign, they disappear like smoke. Playlist Push also promotes music but doesn’t guarantee that playlist curators will add your track. Midnite Blaster has a more personalized approach when it comes to playlist pitching. Beware of services that promise followers as they could jeopardize your Spotify standing. If you choose to hire a Spotify PR company, you can also reach fans on Spotify Ad Studio for free. Deezer has comprehensive artist analytics, but it may not be helpful unless your target audience is in France.

Build relationships

To make money, you need listeners as well as fans. An ideal way should also be cost-effective, and a mailing list is recommended. Mailchimp offers up to 2000 free subscribers. It can be quite expensive if you need more than that. FanBridge is a good substitute has a 30-day free trial. Both allow users to organize a drip campaign that is a series of automated emails sent to recent subscribers. It can be very helpful to introduce people to your craft in measured doses.

Facebook and Instagram ads can help you find potential new fans. The best part is that both are managed on the same interface. You can also use gather email addresses using Download gates. It can be used for SoundCloud, Spotify, social media, and even YouTube. You can also opt for a Gleam contest to jumpstart your fanbase

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