Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Facebook introducing datting feature here how facebook datting feature will work <![CDATA[social,facebook,facebook downvote button,new facebook feature,like button,dislike button]]>

Social media giant Facebook Starts Rolling Out Down Vote Button To The More Users social media giant Facebook rollig out new features called downvote button this feature allows the user d ”  users register a negative reaction to comments on the social networking platform but it is not the “dislike” button users have been demanding from longtime Clicking the “downvote” downvote button will hide the comment for the user who taps it, then asks the user to say whether the comment was “offensive”, “misleading”, or “off topic”. Facebook confirmed the test in February this year. “Now, sooner or later this the feature will be rolling out to the all- user in a coming weak This new feature is similar to Reddit-style ‘downvote’  the main focus downvote button is to improve the quality of discourse on the platform,” The Next Web reported on Monday. A “dislike” button has been on many users’ wishlist since the social media giant introduced its “like” button in February 2009 but facebook not introducing dislike button according to facebook dishlike button feature will spread negative. for example, someone uploaded his or her photo if any dishlike it negative thought will come in mind of his or her uploader Facebook’s “like” button allows users to express their approval for the messages, photos and other content their friends posted. The social networking giant Facebook is taking strong action on the fake story to prevent the fake news published on its platform. As part of its new strategy to combat fake news, Facebook wants its users to miss these stories at the time of scrolling their News Feed, while not withdrawing them altogether so as to walk a fine line “between censorship and sensibility”. When an article is verified as inaccurate by the social network’s third-party fact-checkers, Facebook will shrink the size of the link post in the News Feed, TechCrunch reported. “We reduce the visual prominence of feed stories that are fact-checked false,” a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying. Facebook is also now using machine learning to look at newly published articles and scan them for signs of falsehood.]]>

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