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Social media marketing refers to the application of social media networks and sites to promote a service or a product. Although traditional terms such as e-marketing and online advertising are currently dominant in academic circles, social media marketing has become increasingly popular for researchers and practitioners alike. Many companies and organizations that once ignored Internet marketing have now entered into this new venue due to the high ROI associated with this type of advertising. A social media marketing campaign can give your company the exposure it needs to increase its market share, thus increasing the opportunity for increased sales and revenues.

Engaging Your Audience

If you have a business that you would like to take advantage of through social media marketing, it is important to create an effective strategy for engaging your audience. Your strategy will be contingent upon how you intend to implement SMM techniques on a strategic level. You may decide to use SMM on a voluntary basis, when you partner with other businesses to share resources and create visibility on social networks. Alternatively, you may decide to create a dedicated team that will implement and monitor the impact of your SMM efforts, driving website traffic to your website, as well as driving brand awareness of your brand. The type of strategy you select will depend on your current goals, your company’s current budget, and the type of demographic you intend to tap into.

Driving Traffic

Many SMM strategies focus on driving website traffic to the websites. Once your audience becomes familiar with your brand, they will likely seek out additional information about your products and services. This allows marketers to target potential customers who are more likely to purchase from them. In short, anything you need to market requires you to find some way to drive traffic. For example, apartment marketing ideas and tactics include offering deals and freebies to draw in interested parties. In this case, the freebies are offered in an open house, but the same concept can be extrapolated and adapted for online methods. 

Buzz Marketing

Some SMM strategies focus on creating a buzz surrounding the product and service you are offering. These tactics often include blogging, tweeting, and using social networks to announce the launch of a new product or service, as well as featuring interviews and featured mentions in various media outlets. SMM strategies that use social media networks as platforms also allow marketers to share customer feedback and reviews. This feedback can be used to improve customer service and attract repeat customers.

Social media marketing also allows marketers to create a profile for their company. This profile can include business goals, company branding, and marketing strategies. Many SMM companies also include a number of social media features, such as blogging, in their overall SMM strategy. This enables marketers to spread the word about their brand and attract new customers.

SMM typically focuses on one or two aspects of a business. In most cases, an SMM campaign is composed of one or two interacting channels. The two main types of social media marketing include those that focus on attracting a specific audience and those that appeal to a broader audience. These two types of campaigns tend to be more time-consuming than those that target a specific audience.

Connecting With A Targeted Audience

In order to successfully perform a social media marketing campaign, it is important for businesses to be aware of the audience they wish to attract and the type of media they wish to promote. For example, it is more common for marketers to choose popular social networks to connect with a specific audience. In addition, social media websites tend to feature younger audiences than other venues, such as newspapers and magazines. In this scenario, it may be more beneficial for a business to select more targeted social media marketing programs. These programs typically have a higher degree of success when targeting a specific niche, rather than reaching an audience that may be more broadly interested in the product or services offered by a business.


SMM is not a simple task. It is necessary for a social media marketer to effectively determine the goals of their strategy and choose the most effective method to achieve these goals. For those who are just starting out, it may be advantageous to select one particular strategy and implement it for the first few months to see if it is successful. If successful, a social media marketing program can help to build a strong reputation and strong customer base for a business.

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