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Almost all businesses have one significant-resolution: to increase their customers’ base. However, many companies have failed to achieve this dream because of poor marketing strategies. 

Of course, you may provide the most outstanding products and services. But without the best strategy, you may end up selling nothing. And one of the most common reasons could be you don’t have customers. 

Attracting, maintaining, or providing a consistent service to customers has been a challenge to most businesses. This article discusses some of the best ways to help you attract and build a long-term relationship for continuous business success. 

Here is how you can attract and retain your customers: 

Offer quality products are services

Customers’ satisfaction is always the cornerstone of the success of any business. Fortunately, one of the most significant determinants of satisfaction is the quality of a company’s goods or services. 

Some studies have indicated that the quality of the goods or services can either increase or reduce their sales. How? There are high chances that product/service quality would positively affect the electronic mouth. Meaning, when aspiring customers hear how good a customer speaks of a particular product, they are most likely to try the same product/service. 

Even better, providing quality goods and services ensure that you maintain your loyal and continuous customers. They would stick around so that they get your services more often. In other words, the quality of goods influences customers’ purchase behavior. So, to attract, keep or retain customers, you must ensure you provide superior goods and services. 

Nurture the loyal customers

Since many businesses are providing the same products and services, you have to outweigh their efforts. And a simple way to do that is to introduce customer loyalty programs. So, reward your customers’ loyalty by:

  • Providing early access to new products to your esteemed customers
  • Offer free merchandise or shipping of products
  • Provide product discount- every customer would feel good when sometimes they are allowed to pay less. It motivates and encourages their purchases. 
  • Offer personalized products- design your goods and services to resemble your customers’ likes, interests and preferences.

So, how does nurturing your loyal customers help you attract more customers? Your reliable and repeated customers, in one way, are your brand ambassadors. And rewarding not only makes them happy but also encourages their engagement and as promoters of your products and services. This may lead to new customers who may want to get the same treatments.

Provide new customer discounts and promotions

Customers are always out for new deals. So, you can lure most consumers to your business by offering a further customer discount. For instance, you can have special offers like:

  • Buy 2 get 1 for free or half the price
  • Free gift for the first 3, 5, or 10 customers

Such bargains or incentives can help you attract new customers to your business. You can keep the discount and promotions going throughout your sales to win their continuous loyalty and purchases. 

Allow your customers to try samples.

One of the best ways to turn an uninterested consumer into a loyal and continuous customer is product sampling. Depending on your goals, a sample would help your customers best understand your products. 

Besides, almost all customers love trying new products because it gives them the taste or the feel of the new product. So, when you do it right, you can win over several prospect customers and turn them into loyal customers. 

Provide excellent customer service experience

Your customers are the key to your business. Therefore, it’s significant that you value their interactions with your business. That said, provide a superior customer service experience that ensures they leave your business satisfied and happy to return. 

Also, ensure everything you do before, during, and after-sales or interaction improves their experiences. 

But how can you provide the best customer service experience? Simple, design practical customer service strategies. 

So, you can provide:

Provide engagement across various communication channels: it’s no secret that your customers would want to interact with you through different media. Therefore, find ways to meet them where they are. So, provide varied channels, including live chat systems, email, or phone call options. These days, businesses can also use advanced application monitoring system to monitor, troubleshoot and boost user experience

Provide adequate employee training: you must ensure you cultivate good people skills. So, ensure your customer service agents know how best to handle and relate with the customers. Also, never keep your customers waiting. So ensure you respond to their concerns as quickly as possible. 

Use customers’ complaints to your business advantage

Your products or services may never appeal to every customer. And there are high chances that you may have received some complaints. Depending on the customers’ demands or concerns, you should show your customers that you’re willing to change or make things right for them. 

Therefore, engage them through their concerns to find out more about what they need or think. When you take their negative reviews and deal with their concerns in time, you stand a chance of building your reputation. 


Attracting, maintaining or retaining customers have been a challenge for most businesses. However, to help you get and keep more customers, you can ensure you offer a superior customer service experience, customer discounts, and promotions. Also, provide quality goods and services while you nurture your loyal customers through loyalty programs. 

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