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Solutions to most Common Dog behavior Problems <![CDATA[Solutions to most Common Dog behavior Problems]]>

There are many problems that dog owners face with their dogs. Pet dogs often have many bad behavioral habits such as Biting fingers of their owners while playing, pooping inside the house sometimes, or jumping on guests.

It is really important to solve these bad behavioral problems as these grow to become huge threats as a dog gets elder. Maybe you are new to dog ownership or about to adopt a pet dog, so it’s really important that you pay attention to these solutions as they will benefit you in a huge way.

But in order to solve these serious behavioral problems of your beloved pets, you need to first understand what causes your doggy to behave like this.

Common Doggy Behavioral Problems are:-

  1. Biting

There are different reasons of Dog biting. Puppies bite or nib to explore the environment around them and it’s really important for you to teach them not to nib as it’s a bad habit. They nib as their teeth is itching due to growing size. When it comes to Dogs, they mainly bite due to following reasons:-

  • To protect their Property or belongings.
  • To show domination over someone (mainly kids)
  • When suffering from pain
  • When scared.

Proper Dog Training and Socialization of your dogs helps in preventing Dog biting.

  1. Aggression

Dog Aggression can be felt when your dog starts growling or barking too much or starts showing his teeth to someone. Every kind and breed of dog has the ability to growl and show aggression but there are some breeds with aggressive history are more prone to this.

Canine aggression is a big threat and you should really consider Consulting your dog. I would advice you to opt for The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan in case of Canine aggression.


  1. Chewing

Chewing is not a big problem as its natural instinct for dogs. Chewing will be a behavioral problem for your pet dog in case he starts causing destruction or he starts chewing things he is not supposed to chew.

Common Reasons of Chewing are:-

  • Puppy Teething
  • Excess energy
  • Boredom

I would highly advice you to keep personal and important things away from puppies as they nib and chew things a lot. Buy them Chew toys to distract them from your belongings.

Reward your dog when he chews chew toys and correct him when you catch him chewing something he is not supposed to. You can also Crate him when you are not at home.

Provide healthy and tasting dog food for picky eaters.

  1. Separation Anxiety

One of the most common and a behavioral problem which takes quite a lot of time to get rectified is Separation Anxiety. Obviously dogs really get attached to their owners and they really can’t get over the fact that human beings have to leave their house for work.

Signs of Separation Anxiety are:-

  • Dog misbehaves and causes destruction after 15-30 minutes of owner leaving the house.
  • He becomes very anxious when he sense that his owner is about to leave.
  • The dog tries his best to follow the owner around.

This problem can be solved using Proper Obedience Training and in some cases medication is also required.


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