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Tennis is an extremely physical game and you need your body in absolute perfect condition every time you go out to play. Know the importance of it. Players often are forced to retire during a match if they hurt some of their body parts and mostly a player is bound to lose a match if its body is not 100% fit.

This year is not like previous years. In so many ways, 2020 will be remembered as a different year in which we learned to survive in tough situations. For athletes, it was very difficult to maintain their fitness up to mark as they can’t do anything else but to stay at home and watch tennis movies. Sooner, the body starts to loosen up and all the hard work that has been put through the gym and intense workout sessions seem to fade away. So, if you are not doing something that is very alarming.

It might be difficult to keep yourself fit and match-ready at your home but you must do some workouts to be in good shape. Even though you can’t use your Vegan Sports Gear, let’s discuss some home workouts to keep your tennis game strong while staying at home.

Warm-up Exercises

It is important to have a good warm-up before going for the main exercises. To remain injury-free, always start with gentle and light warm-up exercises. Some of the warm-up exercises that you can start with include:

  • Push-ups
  • High knees
  • Skipping
  • Squats
  • Planks

Main Exercises

Let’s jump to the main course now.

  • Burpees

Burpees are now the latest of the exercises that are extremely effective in building muscles and gaining strength.

  • Using a medicine ball

Medicine ball exercises are good at developing core muscles. They are pretty essential for rotational movements and gaining blast energy while hitting serve or shots. Important to use a medicine ball to gain rotational strength.

  • Dumbbell exercises

Dumbbells are the complete gym accessories at home. If you have dumbbells with you, then you can do most of your fitness drills at home. It is important to exercise daily and with dumbbells, set your exercises, set your repetitions and start doing it.

  • Footwork drills

Footwork is the most important aspect while you are on the court. Why Novak Djokovic seems to hit the ball with so ease? It is because of his movement and footwork. There are plenty of footwork drills that can be done at home.

  • Agility drills

You must be agile on the court to remain in the rally. Agility is the quickness with which you are reacting to the coming ball. You might have listened from your coach to be in a ready position, always be on your foot and must be quick with your movements. If you are agile, you’ll be able to reach any ball and will be able to return it easily and with plenty of time to aim at your opponent.

  • Shadow swings

It is important that you must remain intact with your racket. Shadow swings are important and must be in your to-do list of home workouts. While you practice your shots at home don’t forget to get your new tennis grips.

  • Practice serve toss

For a good serve, a good serve toss is mandatory. While you can’t practice serve at home but you can certainly practice serve toss. Make sure to do hundreds of serve tosses as they might be the deciding factor in winning you a match.

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