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If the computer is new, you won’t face any problem in using it. However, after using it for some time it will become slow and sluggish. This happens overtime with the regular usage of the Windows 10 computer. To keep your computer in a good shape then we have to perform maintenance.

Windows 10 is the smoothest operating system made by experts in Microsoft. Windows 10 contains various features that will be helpful in maintaining the computer. However, after using it for some time it will become slow. We can use simple tricks and tips that will help us to improve the performance of our computer.


Speed up windows 10 with these Tricks and Hacks

  1. Clean Up the Hard Drive

Our hard drive is filled with old files and junk files. Cleaning up the hard drive will help you to speed up your computer and will also improve its performance. If you have not cleaned the hard drive for a long time then junk and old files accumulate and take lots of unnecessary space.

Cleaning up the hard drive will not require any third party software. You just have to search for Disk Cleanup from the search bar in Windows and then press enter.

Now you just have to select the drive which you want to scan and then click on OK. Now on the next screen you will see which you want to delete.

  1. Turn off the Transparency

Transparent UI of the Windows 10 is a great feature that makes it amazing to look at it. This amazing feature takes lots of resources and CPU. So if you disable this feature then it will boost up the performance of Windows 10 and speedup the Windows 10 in general.

  1. Remove program from running at startup

Program starting at the startup will make your computer slow and your system will slow to start. If there are many programs starting at the startup then during the booting your system will become very slow. There can be some important programs running at the startup but other software can be stopped running at the startup. You can stop a program running at startup from the Task Manager. In the Task Manager you will see Startup Tab from which you can disable the program from running at startup.

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  1. Turn Off Tips

Windows is a good operating system that includes providing tips and suggestions to users. These suggestions and tips can help you to use Windows easily but they can decrease the performance of your computer.

So, you can turn off suggestions and tips about Windows to increase the performance of your computer. To disable it you have to click on Start and then Settings>System>”Notifications & actions”. Now toggle off getting tips to use Windows.’

  1. Disable all the visual effects

Another thing you can do to speed up your Windows 10 is to turn off all special effects. The special effects in Windows 10 looks great but takes lots of resources. turning off the special effects will fee up the resources and optimize Windows 10 performance. Go to start and then type and then press enter. Now, click on Advanced System Settings and click on Advanced tab.

Now click on Settings from the Performance section. Now uncheck and disable all the useless Visual Effects.

  1. Change Power Settings

Power settings are useful for increasing the performance of the system. Changing these settings will speed up the Windows 10. Windows desktops have power settings that limit the resources of the computer. Make sure that power settings are changed to performance.

  1. Remove Unwanted applications

Applications installed can also decrease the performance of the Windows 10 system. Make sure that you do not have any unwanted and unneeded applications installed on your computer.

  1. Use Advanced System Optimizer to Speed up Windows 10

Instead of Manually optimizing the system we can use Advanced System Optimizer which is an all in one optimization tool for your Windows computer. Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best third party system optimization tools you can find on the internet. Advanced System Optimizer contains different modules that will help you to speedup your computer.


  • System Cleaner –This module will help you to remove old files from your computer..
  • Game Optimizer – Using this module will help you to run your games faster and more optimized. Using this module when we play the game it will not lag. This module will provide memory and resources to the games we are playing.
  • Driver Updater – Slow running system can be due to old drivers installed on the computer. Driver Updater module will help you to update the outdated driver on your computer which will help you to speedup the computer in general..
  • System Protector – Advanced System Optimizer will help you to protect your computer from malware and other threats. It will scan your computer and show all the threats lurking on your computer. System Protector is a powerful anti malware that will help you to defend your computer from threats.
  • Disk Optimizer – Installing and uninstalling the applications on your computer will create fragments of the data on the hard drive. Advanced System Optimizer will defragment the hard drive and optimize your computer.


Your computer can be slow because of the different reasons, however, With these simple tips and tricks and hacks you can optimize the performance of your computer. You can also use third party software to optimize your computer.

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