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In addition to good nutrition playing sports have always been one of the key factors for good health and good looks. However, physical activity does not only ensure good health. Studies show that sports have an impact on the growth of children, even taller people. In fact, there are specific sports that promote growth during adolescence, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, and so on.


It is exercise that helps people grow taller. According to Gilmore Health Genetics determine our height and stature. However, some sports activities stimulate growth during adolescence, such as stretching during training and competitions. They contribute to the development of the body. What’s more. After soccer, basketball is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world. It is noteworthy that most basketball players are about two meters tall. This means that if one plays this sport from an early age, it promotes growth, i.e. the bones grow longer as a result of the many jumps made during the games. In addition, the sport allows the child to become more agile and learn to function as part of a team. All these activities thus stretch the body, making it larger, provided they are actively practiced. In addition, they promote the secretion of HGH, a hormone that contributes to growth.

 Swimming helps to stretch the muscles!

Swimming is one of the sports that help you grow in height naturally. By doing it regularly, you can increase your height by 7 cm. It helps to widen the shoulders and chest and develop the spine. However, the results can be achieved as early as adolescence. But after the age of 18, swimming can still be practiced to stimulate growth. It should be noted that swimming is the most complete sport. It offers remarkable benefits to the body. Among other things, water has the ability to exert beneficial pressure on the body, further promoting muscle development. In addition, this sport is very good for the cardiovascular system.

Volley ball

Like basketball and swimming, volleyball can help children grow. Volleyball stretches and strengthens the body because, like basketball, it requires jumping. Therefore, it is one of the sports that allows for natural growth and allows the player, especially the child, to have a team spirit. Moreover, the child will know how to live in society, since this collective sport already teaches him that. “All in all, this sport respects the body and develops the mind,” said the sports teacher, a physician accredited to the Sisters of Wisdom.


Still, cycling can help strengthen the legs. Some believe that it can have no effect on growth because it does not require stretching, but we must always remember that the human body needs stress to stimulate it to growth and secrete the necessary hormones. So to stretch the legs and knees, you need to do a sport that is strenuous and intense. Cycling is the prime example. It strengthens the bones and limbs that support the human body and can stretch better. So put on your helmet and protective gear and go for a ride. You will definitely grow a few inches taller.


On the other hand, there is a special way to increase your height without realizing it. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are always worried about your height because you always want to have a strong waist, a good figure. Ballet can also help you grow in height. When we talk about ballet, we often think of girls, but boys can do it too. In addition to being a good way to stimulate a child’s growth, it is also a fun activity that is very helpful for his or her mental development. Practicing ballet will help the child to get a muscular body. It provides stretching of the bones and a sense of balance to the child. If you have never had the opportunity to admire classical dancers, you must have missed how slender they are. And you can be like them if you are into this sport.

After all, the sport not only makes you feel good, but also promotes growth through specific disciplines. By practicing these sports, you will get a good physique and quick cardiovascular results.

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