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Using Vegan Balls To Take Your Game To The Next Level

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Most of the sports— soccer matches, sundown baseball games, and beach volleyball are all great ways to spend your time quality. There’s no reason why having fun with sports has to come at the expense of animals.

Many companies to win the place on the market need to have as much responsibility when it comes to saving nature, and the whole environment. That means going vegan does not only refer to vegan eating and diet, but the production process of making sports goods as well, including sportswear, footwear, and sports equipment, as most necessary products in any sports.

We all know the majority of sports equipment contains leather in their making process, thus using animal skin is not vegan at all, right? Nowadays with the appearance of new innovative methods, sports factories are producing leather alternatives that can have the same or similar effect and still not make any harm to the environment. Using vegan leather, instead of genuine leather might be the first step of becoming environmentally responsible.

Along with many natural materials and fibers, such as using plants, synthetic materials also count as a vegan. Vegan leather is commonly used by many industries and the sports industry is one of them. It is not the best material when considering natural resources, since it is man-made, but it is definitely a better choice than using an animal’s skin surface.

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan Leather refers to a material that is made of plant or artificial products, that mimics animal skin and it is a safer alternative for using real leather. Often made of synthetic materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), the two most used plastic polymers to get that wrinkled texture and give the effect of real leather. Other materials vegan leather can be made of are more natural plants products, like apple peels, cork, pineapple leaves, and reused, recycled plastic.

Which Sports Goods are Made of Vegan Leather?

The list is long. However, we have selected a few products that are often used and are giving their part of the environmental sustainability.

  • Volleyballs

Different locations for a Volleyball ball require different types of materials. If the volleyball game is played outside, mostly beach, then the ball is lighter, softer, and does not require using leather. But the indoor volleyball players use sports ball that is more durable and can survive the wooden indoor ground, and it is mostly made of leather. However, vegan leather is the best for following eco-friendly standards.

  • Baseballs

Baseball is a sport that uses smaller sports balls, firstly made of genuine leather. The outside layer of the ball can be also made of a vegan alternative and get the same effect as throwing an animal-based sports ball. Gloves baseball players use to catch the ball have also been using animal skin in the production, but started adopting the new methods of eco-leather gloves. You can find all these products in Vegan Sporting Goods Store which happen to appear more on the market since sustainability in the sports industry became very popular.

  • Basketballs

Both Indoor and Outdoor Basketball require high-quality and long-duration sports balls. If the ball is not produced of the best material then it can not survive the game and won’t provide the best results for the teams. 

This is a good reason why leather was initially chosen as one of the elements of this sports ball. In a combination with other materials vegan leather provides the same texture and effect for smooth shots and passes. Eco-friendly basketballs are available in many different sizes, but the most used one happens to be size 7, also known as 29.5 Basketball. It is the official size of all adults’ basketballs and it is suitable for most male players above the age of 13.

These sports goods are not the only ones that use plant-based leather, as more companies are turning their production processes to safer alternatives and methods. Vegan leather is one of them and seems that already found a place as an eco-friendly material, that will surely save thousands of animals.

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