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Springtrap A Monster Antagonist

Springtrap is the main and most powerful antagonist and the true animatronic of the video game series Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (FNaF). He’s the only antagonist in the whole game series who has the power to give the Game Over to any Player because most of the animatronics only possess the power to do jump-scare to the player like make them visually and hearing impaired.

Scott Cawthon has developed this video game series and released its third part in 2015. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a true horror survival game that is completely based on the restaurant chain theme that was featured in the first two games of the series. The player has to become the unnamed security guard of the restaurant to defeat the main antagonist Springtrap with the help of CCTV cameras of the restaurants while simultaneously dealing with the other additional systems that occasionally shut down.

In this article, we’ll get to understand the appearance, locations, behavior, history, and some of the trivia of Springtrap. So stay tuned for the last part of the article.

Springtrap Appearance

Springtrap is considered to be an early model of the famous Bonnie suit because Phone Guy on Night 5 referred to him as the Spring Bonnie and also a kid of Five Night at Freddy’s 4 from the Night 4 minigame series.

Springtrap Appearance

Springtrap Costume

His look seems to be an olive color and is dirty and looks like a heavily damaged rabbit animatronic whose a big portion of his right ear is missing and the wires are sticking to his stump left behind. His whole body looks like someone has torn and tattered up with some gaping holes that are exposing caging and wires throughout the body making him much scarier and macabre looking than all of the animatronics of all the previous series.

While his both hands seem to be attached and intact, on the other hand, his legs appear to be entirely stripped and weak from the mid-shine down and that makes his exposing of endoskeleton metal and his wiring all over the body.


His eye color is pale grey and his middle fingers from the right look missing when he does the jump-scare, his eye color suddenly pale yellowish and it can be because of the lighting of the building and he has a single button on his chest attached. Although he looks like a damaged version of Spring Bonnie, his vow tie still seems entirely missing.


He wears a permanent wide grin because the material near his mouth has deteriorated so much that he doesn’t open his mouth often, the only exception to the opening of his mouth is in his second jumpscare on Cam15, the main menu, the rare boot image of him and in the series creator Scott’s “Thank You” image. When we do a close examination of the rare boot image, we can see the appearance of a human inside that suit.

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Springtrap Location

Springtrap has the power to enter any of the rooms and vents of the building thus making him the most powerful and clever antagonist animatronic but by this location power, he has a deficit.

Springtrap Location

We can see him in every camera except when he enters The Office, The Hallway, or the outside of The Office’s doorway is the location. He has two positions for every camera excluding the Vent rooms and the Cam 01 because of the blind spot. As there is no location fixed for him to start with, he generally starts with Cam 07, Cam 08, and Cam 09.

Springtrap Behaviour

As such Springtrap acts humanly when he’s chasing to hunt a player, he’ll tease them to show his presence. He always tries to go into a secluded area of the camera to hide from the player and suddenly gives the jumpscare outright in the camera to scare the player. Around the Office, he lures many times and stares at the player through the window so that the player won’t be able to use other cams because of nervousness and he can win the game.

When he decides to attack the player, he tries to sneak peek from the behind door and gives a dead stare to the player. He sometimes briefly appears from the right only to block out the peripheral vision of the player. This is his strategy to scare players and make them lose out.

From the Night 2 Phone call, you probably know that he is very susceptible to the audio distractions that the players make and always follows the distractions of noise every single time to see if perhaps by mistake they can be the real children.

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Springtrap History

Five Nights at Freddy’s has most of the animatronics endoskeletons and support structures which makes it nearly impossible to be worn like a suit to them. The Mechanisms of Spring are faulty to the point that if he breathes it’ll lubricate him and it’ll make him malfunction, and thus it makes it dangerous to wear this suit and leads him to be put away from all of the other animatronics in an emergency or a storage room where all customers or the employees isn’t allowed to enter. 

Springtrap Trivia

  • He has started making moaning noises and footsteps when he moves in the latest version of the game 1.031.
  • He has five fingers on both hands like humans more than any of the animatronics of the game.
  • He’s named as the same device which is used to trap animals during hunting.


Springtrap is the most powerful and animatic antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. He’s also known as FNaF Springtrap and Nightmare Springtrap. If you’re playing as a player and you’re not careful enough to deceive the phantom animatronics, you’ll probably end up getting jumpscares by one of them and then Springtrap will catch you. He has two jumpscares only as compared to other animatronics but in the mobile version of the game, he has only one jumpscares but can appear on both sides of the Office.

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