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Marketing and selling are not easy tasks. They require a lot of research and pinpoint precision with the target market. Most people prefer buying things online, which has elevated the demand for sellers to sell everything on the internet. Tickets to events are another item that is sold online. It is a convenient and safe option to reach a lot of people at the same time. However, a website is a must for coming in contact with maximum people.

There are certain ways to sell tickets online without a website. By employing any one of the payment gateways in India, you can accept payments and increase sales of your tickets. In the following article, we will discuss how you can sell event tickets online without a website. We would also be looking at ways to promote an event online to generate more ticket sales.

Ways to Sell Event Tickets Online without a Website

To sell tickets to an event, a website is necessary for many reasons. An official website provides a solid ground for people to come and gather information about the event and to make subsequent purchases. However, not having a website should not become a handicap for you. Even if you cannot make a website, you can very well sell tickets online. 

Following are some ways through which you can make profits by promoting an event and selling tickets without a website:

Using Online Platforms:

Selling an event’s tickets online when you do not have a website might get a little tricky. This is because you do not have the required reach that a website provides. There are several online platforms that enable online ticket sales and are extremely easy to employ.

By using such platforms, you would be in good hands as they have enough expertise in the matter. Any online payment gateway in India, such as Zaakpay, can be useful for the said objective. With the help of online sellers, your transactions would not be subjected to fraud as they would have a secure QR code to verify buyers.

You can also customize your operations, suitable for the kind of event you are selling tickets for. Choose an online platform that is safe and reliable for you as well as the buyer. This way, both parties would have a favourable experience while making a transaction.

Setting Up a Merchant Account:

In order to process any kind of online transaction to Accept Cards Online or Debit Cards, you need to have a merchant account. All online ticket selling platforms require sellers to have a merchant account to process payments. Cards are the most used method of making online payments. You won’t be able to accept payments if you don’t have a merchant account.

It is a simple process of setting up a merchant account. You just have to take care of the fee charged during registration for payment processing. Along with the online selling platforms, merchant accounts also charge a percentage in the form of a processing fee. A secure payment gateway such as Zaakpay can make it easier for you to accept payments online.

Building a Website

A website enables you to maximize your reach amongst your target audience. Without one, you lose out on many aspects to scoring a good sale with your customers. Often, third-party sellers do not satisfy your requirements and end up losing customers.

If you have a well-built website of your own, assistance of any kind would not be necessary. Making tickets for an event and selling them on your own site has a lot of benefits. This way, you would not have to be worried about being duped and coming across a fraudulent transaction.

All your payments would have complete transparency as well as security. Without the interference of a third-party seller, you would have true sales and an increased revenue in the long run. You would also save money as you would not have to pay the fee charged by online ticket sellers.

Promoting through Social Media:

Social media presence is extremely important for anything to have increased sales. Promoting an event on social media before selling the tickets can be extremely beneficial for your overall profit. People on the internet are mostly influenced by events and products being promoted via social media.

This is because the platforms are personal to them and have a deeper reach than other websites. If you happen to promote your event on social media, more people would be attracted to it, and you would end up selling more tickets as a result. Social media enables the event to be talked about more amongst your target audience.

You can also provide links to the ticket selling platforms during your promotions. This way, your customers would find it easier to buy tickets and make digital payments through payment gateways in India, such as Zaakpay. Social media sites influence their users through advertisements, which are a great tool for marketing.

Intense Marketing:

Apart from social media promotions, other methods of marketing also prove to be beneficial for your ticket sales. You can make use of digital marketing through many resources such as advertisements, collaborations, online influencers, podcasts, etc. These are all quite popular mediums used for marketing products, services and events.

Once the event has made its place between the audience, selling tickets would be far easier. You would not have to prove your credibility to your target audience and can count on positive customer interactions. You can also market the event through email lists and partnerships with influencers. They have a wider reach within the general public and can be helpful in increasing ticket sales.

Final Words

In conclusion, selling tickets online is not completely impossible without a website. However beneficial a website’s reach may be, there are several other ways through which you can sell tickets online and boost your engagement. With the help of the points mentioned above, you can promote your event well and significantly increase your ticket sales.

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