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There are three major reasons why you need to upgrade your broadband network gateway. One, if you have an older gateway that is not capable of handling modern standards, then you will experience slow speeds and/or intermittent connections. Two, if your gateway does not include security features, this means that it is likely vulnerable to cyberattacks. And third, upgrading will allow for the installation of new technologies including voice over IP or VoIP services. To read more about these reasons, continue reading below!

Why upgrade your broadband network gateway?

Broadband Network Gateway (BNGs) serve as access points for subscribers. Broadband Network Gateway are subscriber management systems that allow wireline subscribers to access broadband services. Subscription management systems are usually set up either by a wholesale internet service provider or by a wireline broadband network provider. By establishing secure subscriber sessions, the broadband network gateway system connects customer premise equipment (CPE) to broadband services. In order to provide broadband connectivity to subscribers and manage their sessions, the broadband Network Gateway system enables the router to interact with peripheral devices and servers.

Since more people are working from home during lockdowns, telecom providers are dealing with unprecedented internet traffic volumes. The use of communication apps such as WhatsApp has surged and video conferencing like Zoom has increased.  Companies have shifted more of their work online in recent years, increasing the number of digital transformation projects applications that run on networks. As a result, traffic volume increased by more than 25% in most countries and Internet traffic increased by more than 50% in some countries. The requirement for faster delivery, cheaper prices, and convenience of integrating new services for a broadband service provider has come to exceed the limitations of what traditional  gateways can do. Reliability is one of the main reasons why you should upgrade your network gateways as soon as possible. If you have an older system, whether it’s hardware or software, you’re also more likely to have a greater probability of failure.

Every few years, your network systems should be upgraded to meet any significant improvements in the systems. Broadband network gateway upgrades are necessary and investing in network infrastructure construction opens up more possibilities that could give a company a competitive advantage in our progressively competitive marketplace.

Because of the massive workloads a network gateway manages, outdated technology is prone to performance concerns. This can cause delayed operations or even a full shutdown in some operations. As a result, an upgrade is perfect for enhancing productivity and ensuring that your infrastructure can handle your business activities smoothly. One of the most major modifications that companies undertake when embracing new technologies is updating software and hardware components in the IT department and network infrastructure.

What do you need to know about upgrading your broadband network gateway?

Upgrades to a network can be tricky because it impacts many aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure. An upgrade affects everyone, from the end user to the server administrator, and all the way down to the application developer.  Prior to upgrading your infrastructure, you must clearly understand why this is necessary.

Here are some of the reasons you might need to upgrade your Broadband Network Gateway:

  1. Is your company’s infrastructure prepared to handle such a massive increase in online traffic? Because of the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and other causes, network traffic is increasing year after year.
  2. Do you have an older broadband network gateway? You may have purchased your gateway three years ago, but if your model is more than five years old, you are likely to be using older gateway technology.  It is most certainly incapable of meeting the tremendous technological needs of today’s business environment.  Older network infrastructure is incapable of handling speeds of 6.9 Gbps or more.
  3. Have you given enough thought to the threats to your network? Today’s hackers are more adept than ever before. They are smarter and more than capable of infiltrating an older network.
  4. Is all of your IT staff’s spare time spent on network infrastructure maintenance?  Troubleshooting the old network infrastructure will consume most of your IT staff’s time and resources.
  5. Can some of the more advanced and data-heavy apps be run on an old, deteriorating network? To operate complex apps, you need a powerful network infrastructure that is both durable and modern.
  6. Is it possible to access business applications from anywhere on your network? Employees nowadays expect to be able to work from anywhere, and they expect to have access to business apps at any time and from any location.

How much does upgrading your broadband network gateway cost?

What investments can you expect to make when the time comes  to replace the old gateway with a new one ? These are vital questions to ask not only for the benefit of your budget, but also to ensure that an outsourced supplier is charging you properly.

  1. What is the total number of servers,  firewalls,  and switches you have?
  2. When was the last time you upgraded your Broadband Network Gateway system?
  3. Do you plan on upgrading your entire system?
  4. Is it necessary to add remote access capabilities or new line-of-business applications to your networks?
  5. Do you just want to replace the old physical one with a new physical device, or did you decide to transform your current network into a virtual environment?

Clearly, these factors  can have a significant impact on the overall cost of any network upgrading project. In other words, there is no fixed cost for upgrading your Broadband Network Gateway. You will need to request a quote to determine your exact cost.

The benefits of upgrading your broadband network gateway

The following are the major advantages and reasons why you should immediately prioritize upgrading your outdated network infrastructure:

  1. Upgrading to an advanced network infrastructure makes cloud computing easier. This is a new development that may not be supported by older network infrastructures.
  2. Network upgrades provide numerous advantages, including the ability to respond to your needs in a timely manner, reduce the time needed, and accelerate all processes. Furthermore, your organization’s networks and IT systems must give efficient solutions to issues such as round-trip (RTT) and IP connection and TCP blockage.
  3. The latest and most up-to-date infrastructure can help protect your business from online attackers and improve your enterprise network monitoring capabilities.With a new network infrastructure, you can integrate intelligent sensors and enforcers into your system hardware (such as switches, wireless solutions, and routers), providing enhanced visibility anywhere.
  4. Migrating to a modern network infrastructure will significantly speed up and simplify all management processes, deployments, and operations.
  5. Many businesses are upgrading their network equipment as a result of the necessity to integrate wireless features into network infrastructure. Routing your network devices increases their security, dependability, and usability over a WiFi connection. The wireless infrastructure employs management software that detects illegal access points instantly and delivers important usage statistics.


Continuing to use out-of-date network infrastructure will prevent you from embracing today’s fast changing technologies. It is beneficial to have dependable and up-to-date networks in order to enhance your company’s efficiency, production, and development. Upgrades to your broadband network generally boost your business; therefore, every developing company needs to consider upgrading already!

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