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Stay-at-home Ideas to Celebrate Halloween

The Halloween season is upon us, and for anyone who likes creepy stories, wearing costumes, or pumpkin-themed food, this is the season to enjoy. There are many ways to celebrate Halloween, from going to costume parties or going out to watch a horror movie in a theater. However, there might be some adjustments necessary because the world isn’t like it once was.

If you’re still not comfortable going out or attending parties, you don’t have to sacrifice Halloween festivities. Here are some ways you can still celebrate the spooky season at home and with your family.

Spend a Day in Costume

The best part of the Halloween season (besides pumpkin spice latte and festive foods, of course) is probably the costume everyone gets to wear. And since you’re essentially staying at home and might not be able to attend an actual costume party, why not have one at home?

Spend the day at home wearing your favorite costume. You can even be extra adventurous and wear a costume you’d find difficult wearing going out, like a large Frankenstein’s monster costume or any outfit with those extra accessories. Being that you’re at home and surrounded by people you love and trust (who’s also wearing a costume), you’ll have twice the fun. You can even insist on calling each other by your costume names.

Prepare Halloween Meals Together

The best part of any party or celebration is the food. It’s all the more fun when you’re doing a theme to it since you can go as creative as you like. Hold a fun family activity where you prepare your favorite spooky meals, maybe even design cakes with a Halloween theme using icing, or carve pumpkins together.

The best part of this activity is that you can insert it with a lot of surprises. If you have a family member whose birthday is right around the spooky season, surprise them with a gift. Or, if your partner is into horror themes, hire a trusted jeweler to make them a ring and make a surprise proposal by putting the ring in a jack-o-lantern. The possibilities are endless, and the fun is too.

Do a Scary Movie Marathon

Now we’re getting somewhere. No Halloween season is complete without a round of scary movies. You can either watch the latest installment of your favorite horror franchise or go ahead and re-watch the classics.

If your family and friends haven’t watched the movies you like, that’s a bonus. Keep things up to the theme by darkening the lights, eating thematic food, and dedicating a stretch of a few hours to your marathon. Moments like this make for great memories, and you get to share your favorite movies as well.

Listen to Radio Horror Stories

Alternatively, you don’t have to watch movies. Before, horror stories were pretty popular on the radio. But if you’re not an avid radio listener or don’t know where to listen to good horror stories, you can listen to them online.

A wide variety of online websites offer read-aloud of classic horror stories or even entirely new ones. This is great if not everyone can spend hours watching a movie or generally need to move about throughout the day. It could also be a way to introduce your younger relatives to the joys of listening to stories.

Hold a Virtual Party

Who says you can’t have a party face to face? With the popularity of video conferencing software nowadays, your friends or family is just a video call away. If you’re not too aware of what you can do at a virtual party, here are a few ideas to help you out.

  • Take turns telling spooky personal experiences.
  • Hold a costume contest and show off your costume.
  • Have a virtual house tour of your Halloween-themed home.
  • Do some virtual mystery games. There’s a lot to choose from, and they’re fun to try with friends.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

However, if you’re focused more on your children or close family members, what you can do is to hold a scavenger hunt at home. This works best if there’s a lot of Halloween decoration, as it will give off Halloween vibes. Hide some prizes and let your kids do the finding,


We need to be extra creative with our celebrations and parties. Friends and family members in distant places don’t have to miss out either, as we now have the technology to make it feel like they are close by. Hopefully, the tips provided here can help you create the best Halloween celebration idea.

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